Home Tech Portugal to hand over Tekever AR3 drones to Ukraine

Portugal to hand over Tekever AR3 drones to Ukraine

Portugal to hand over Tekever AR3 drones to Ukraine


Portugal to hand over Tekever AR3 drones to Ukraine

Defense News reports that the Portuguese manufacturer Tekever will transfer Tekever AR3 drones to Ukraine.

What is known

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defense published a video on social networks showing military equipment funded by the United Kingdom International Fund for Ukraine (IFU). Deliveries under this fund are funded by the UK, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden and Iceland.

Analysts saw in this video the Malloy T150 quadrocopters manufactured by the British company Malloy Aeronautics, the DeltaQuad Pro vertical takeoff and landing drones manufactured by the Dutch company DeltaQuad and the ISR Astero system by the Danish Nordic Wing. The footage shows two other unspecified drone models, one of which takes off vertically and is launched using a catapult.

The British Ministry of Defense declined to comment on specific models of equipment. However, Defense News journalists contacted representatives of the Tekever company, and they confirmed that they would transfer the Tekever AR3 UAV to Ukraine through a British fund: “Yes, our Tekever AR3 system is featured in a video produced by the UK MoD. It includes images of a drone deployed with a catapult that we can use for extended operations up to 16 hours, and in an optional VTOL configuration. Each operator can easily choose which option they want to use for a particular mission».

Tekever CEO and Founder Ricardo Mendes added that the company “very proud to support Ukraine and grateful to the UK Department of Defense and IFU for allowing us to contribute to one of the most important things in our lives».

The AR3 is a small, long-life drone designed to provide large area surveillance for both land and sea missions. It has a maximum payload capacity of 4kg, can fly at a cruising speed of 75-90km/h, and can also take off with a parachute.

Source: Defence News
Image: Tekever


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