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Printer not printing anything on paper [Fix]

Printer not printing anything on paper [Fix]


There may be cases when your printer is not printing anything on paper. If your printer is not printing TIFF files, large files or not printing all documents, you will need to know how to diagnose and fix these problems.

Printer not printing anything on paper [Fix]

Printer not printing anything on paper

There are reasons why your printer will not print anything at all on paper. This article will help you to find the reason your printer not printing on paper. You will be shown the easy ways to fix this problem if you ever experience it. note that these fixes will also work in cases where your printer refuses to print all the pages of your documents.

  1. The file is too large
  2. Printer memory problems
  3. Status of jobs in the print queue
  4. Problem with document
  5. Driver or software outdated

1] The file is too large

We take it for granted when we send something to a printer and we get it placed on paper. We don’t take into account that the printer, though it may look simple, it needs to keep documents in memory to print. The printer you are using may be a simple Printer Control Language (PCL) printer. These printers depend on your computer to process the file you send. The printer will then take the file into its memory to print. These printers usually have small internal memories so they cannot store a lot. This means that if your files are large, the printer may not be able to handle the file. The file may take long to print or it will not print at all.


If the file refuses to print after many tries, you may have to try making it smaller. A file may be large because of its content (text and graphics). A file may also be large because of the number of pages. In both cases, you can break up the file into bite-size chunks. You don’t have to place the file into multiple documents. You just need to send sections of the file to the printer until the whole file is printed.

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2] Printer memory problem

Printers have built-in memory that is used to store the files that are being printed. For PCL printers, this memory is usually small. In some, it is upgradable, but not by much. This means that if the printer’s memory is clogged or not large enough, files may refuse to print entirely or at all.


If you suspect that your printer’s memory is clogged, restart the printer. You may also need to restart the computer. When both are restarted and ready, attempt to print the file again. if the problem persists. You may need to try the solution in step one, or any of the following ones.

3] Status of jobs in the print queue

Your printer may not print your file on paper if it was deleted from the queue by someone or accidentally by you. The printer may also refuse to print if a file that is in the queue is having issues and holding up the line. If you share a network printer with others, someone’s file may be holding up the print queue. You may also have a file that is holding up the line, you may have deleted it but it is still there.


If your file refuses to print, bring up the print queue on your computer and check if there are any files ahead that may be holding up the queue.

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4] Problem with the document

Your printer may not print a document paper simply because the document may have problems. You may have a file that wasn’t saved properly due to a power outage that interrupted the file-saving process.  You may also have problems with the file if there is content in the document that may be corrupt.


If you have a file that refuses to print, you could print the file in small amounts, maybe page by page or a couple of pages at a time. If some will print and some refuse to print then you will know what parts are a problem. You can also copy and save all the content into a blank document and then try to print the new document.

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5] Driver or software outdated

One common problem that may cause printers not to print on paper is a driver problem. Your computer may have an outdated driver for your printer. A printer driver update may correspond with bug fixes or your computer’s operating system update.

Another issue that may affect your printer is something that may be overlooked. The software that you use to open the file may be outdated.


Check your printer manufacturer’s website, look for the updated printer driver and also printer firmware. You should also check the document’s software if it has an update available. Updating offers performance and security enhancements.

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Why is my printer not printing anything on the paper?

There are numerous possible causes for a printer that’s randomly producing blanks. The most common ones are empty ink cartridges, improper cartridge installation, and congested nozzles. If the blank page prints before or after a document is printed, you may have a blank page in your document. your printer may print a blank page just before printing your document if the papers are placed too far into the paper feeder. This causes the printer to grab a paper prematurely and it will spill it out. This may also cause a paper jam.

How do I know if my printer is clogged?

Your printer may be clogged if you know that your ink cartridges have, the papers go through but nothing is printed. Your printer may also be clogged if you attempt to print but there are just streaks and blotches instead of the content of your documents. Your printed bay be clogged if some colors print but some do not print. Clogging may be caused by infrequent use of your printer. If you take too long to print, that can cause the ink to begin to dry up. Clogging can also be caused by dirt and other debris getting into the print head.  You can use your printer’s internal head cleaning function to attempt to clean the print heads.

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