Home Tech prohibit a US manufacturer from selling chips in its territory

prohibit a US manufacturer from selling chips in its territory

prohibit a US manufacturer from selling chips in its territory


The Chinese government has banned the Micron company from selling its products on its territory, citing “security concerns.”

China returns the "short": an American manufacturer is prohibited from selling chips in its territory
Chips made by Micron.

Surely many of you will remember the day when Donald Trump banned Huawei from using the Google ecosystem with unclear motives. Many users were left wondering what would happen to their terminals now that the US had decided to cut off the tap on the Chinese manufacturer. The company tried to fight back and convince the Trump Administration that it was a mistake to leave them out, but to no avail.

The Chinese government did not appear to have retaliated in this regard. It did not seem that they were going to show their face for what, then, was their leading technology in the rest of the world (although it is true that today the situation it is very different and sad). And now, just as They tell us from Android Authority, looks like they’re going to hit back.

China bans Micron from selling chips in its territory

Although the “trumpet” was the most notorious as far as US relations with Chinese technology companies are concerned, it is true that the Asian Giant has been suffering from trade sanctions in recent years. The United States has banned not only Huawei’s association with Google, but also selling chips and other Chinese-made devices for “security concerns.”

The Chinese government has made a move, finally. US manufacturer Micron to be banned sell their chips in Asian territory. The reason given by the authorities for this is the failed a security checkIn a statement released yesterday:

The security verification allows us to conclude that Micron’s products have a serious potential for network security issues, which is a serious security risk to China’s main information supply chain and would affect its national security.

Although the name may not sound like that at first, the truth is that Micron produces a good number of memory and storage products for PCs, smartphones and other consumer electronics devices. Among them we can find RAM, DRAM and UFS memories. In fact, it is one of the main players in the sector.

According to the source, this movement would come as a response to the sales bans on US companies to other Chinese companies. These bans included advanced chip-making equipment, AI-specific chips, and much more. It seems that the soap opera is still a long way from being resolved.


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