Home Gaming PUBG MOBILE x Dragonball Super Ready to parachute, release turtle waves!

PUBG MOBILE x Dragonball Super Ready to parachute, release turtle waves!

PUBG MOBILE x Dragonball Super Ready to parachute, release turtle waves!


Sunday, July 16, 2023, 10:20 PM 33 PM, Indochina time.

PUBG Mobile, the battle royale mobile game, has announced a collaboration with the legendary anime Dragonball Super.

Join in the turtle wave with the PUBG Mobile x Dragonball Super update that will bring new modes, new gameplay, new characters, and more Dragon Ball features as another great collaboration for mobile games. This Dragonball Super theme will be open to players from July 13th to September 4th !

Players will be able to encounter various special areas. whether it is a battlefield House of the Tao Tao, Karin Tower, Villages In the Dragon Ball theme in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok maps, each Dragon Ball themed spot will have a special item for us to find. Players can collect Dragon Balls to pray for power from the Dragon God, like coming out of the Dragon Ball right away!

With this update, the Ki power system (the energy used to release power in Dragonball) has been added to the new game mode. which is applied to the release turtle wave power and use time-flying techniques to allow players to float freely

There’s also a new Standalone mode on a new map that recreates the 1.6×1.6 Dragonball Super world, allowing players to play as characters from Dragonbal Super. , Gohan, Piccolo and Freeza, each of which has a different identity as follows

general attack: Shoot Kidan continuously. to deal explosive damage in a small area of ​​impact. It is a reliable and stable attack.

charged attack: Charge up to fire a kiblast that deals continuous damage to enemies. It is an attack that is suitable for many situations.

special skill: Dash in the direction of the joystick. Can be accumulated 3 times and can be used continuously

general attack: Shoot Kidan continuously. Suitable for close combat which requires a good projection of the shot

charged attack: Charge up to fire multiple Kidan’s that deal damage to targets in a small area.

special skill: Gain energy from attacking enemies. when fully charged Vegeta will be able to unleash all of the gathered energy to inflict massive amounts of damage in the target direction.

general attack: Quickly fires Kiddan. Can switch to aiming mode which is similar to shooting a gun

charged attack: Charges up to fire a Kidan that deals damage to nearby targets quickly. Which requires good close-range shooting.

special skill: Creates a spherical barrier that resists incoming thrown weapons. It has 500 health points and disappears when its duration ends or health is depleted.

general attack: Fires a continuous wave of energy that deals more damage as it hits the target continuously. The attack has a limited range and requires good aiming.

charged attack: Charge up to shoot powerful energy waves. Can zoom in to quickly attack enemies from a distance. It must have good sniper skills.

special skill: Become invisible and dash in the direction of the crosshair. Including soaring into the sky

general attack: Fires a continuous large Kidan that easily hits the target. But get as close as possible.

charged attack: Charge up to fire a huge Kidan that deals explosive damage in an area. Which requires a good position and the right time.

special skill: Choose a location and jump into the sky before throwing yourself down after a few moments. Enemies hit will be thrown into the sky and take damage.

And most importantly, all 5 characters that have been updated with voiceovers from authentic Japanese voice actors from the original anime as well. In addition to updating Dragon Ball There is also an updated Wonder of Wonder mode, a new gun, ACE32, 7.62 caliber ammunition, minor bug fixes. Those who are interested can click to download and play at https://pubgmobile.live/DragonBall2023


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