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Qualcomm will bring Apple’s emergency SMS functions to Android


Qualcomm is going to bring to Android devices equipped with its processors an emergency system very similar to the one that Apple implemented in the iPhone 14.

Qualcomm will bring Apple's emergency SMS functions to Android
Qualcomm Satellite is the chipmaker’s new emergency SMS system.

The use of messages and emergency calls that Apple incorporates in its latest models was one of the new iOS functions that we said we would like to see on android. It is what from Cupertino they call a “peace of mind solution”yes ok has staged a scare in the past.

It seems that our prayers have been answered, as Qualcomm has announced at CES in Las Vegas that will incorporate an emergency SMS system for Android in phones equipped with their processors, according to report from SAMMobile. And be careful, because he has two important partners in this adventure.

Snapdragon Satellite, this is Qualcomm’s emergency SMS service

This new feature It is called Snapdragon Satellite. and has been created by Qualcomm in association with Iridium Communications and Garmin. The new function will use the satellite communications system and the GPS of the terminals, so that messages can be sent where mobile coverage is not good (or non-existent).

From Qualcomm it has also been said that the feature It will not reach all Android phonesinstead it will remain on “selected Android devices”. For now, the list of models or manufacturers that will have this service is not known, but it is to be assumed that the chip manufacturer reserves it for terminals equipped with their new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Qualcomm has demonstrated the operation of the system that, as with Apple’s, You need to be in an area with clear skies and that you point the phone at the satellite. Once the connection has been established, messages can be sent and received from a predefined list of contacts to avoid bottlenecks. We remember that Apple greatly restricts the operation of your system.

The company also commented that devices that have Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors and that are launched during the first half of 2023 will not have the functionbecause they don’t have the necessary hardware for it.

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