Razer Naga Pro has several buttons to be tailored to Wireless Gaming Controller


Choosing the right catalyst for pro players can become challenging with too many different forms of games in the competitive market. We’ve seen businesses coming up with innovative game mice to help players reach their optimum results in competitive games. However, Razer wants to include a standard mouse for common gaming hardware vendors that helps players to conform to their playstyles.

Customize It With Three Interchangeable Side Plates

The Razer Naga Pro was recently released in the Irvine-based peripherals. It’s a mouse with 3 adjustable side panels that can be tailored to the game that you’re playing. If you are playing MOBA games like DOTA or the World of Warcraft MMO, the Naga Pro is the best set-up for every competitive game you are playing.

If customers receive the new Naga Pro, three other side plates with different button designs are issued. A sheet with a two-button interface is suitable for tactical FPS games like Valorant and CS: GO. The other two layered plates feature a six-button configuration (for the titles of MOBA / Battle Royale) and a twelve-button configuration (for the titles MMO / RTS).

The Naga Pro has the Focus+ optical sensor, a 20,000-dpi sensor, apart from the interchangeable frames. The game aid comes, along with the advanced sensor, with intelligent tracking technology that helps the mouse to adapt when used on multiple surfaces.

The mouse also supports wireless HyperSpeed technology which reduces latency over a wireless connexion significantly. Razer claims that the hardware in the Naga Pro is 25 percent quicker and more powerful than any other mouse.

So you can get the Razer Naga Pro at a price of 149.99 $(~Rs 10,975), whether from the Official website of Razer, or from the certified resellers if you are a pro-gamer with various kinds of competitive titles.

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