The wireless mouse Razer Naga Pro can be adapt to play style


The Naga Pro will be worth a look if your versatility is your thing.

Recap: Razer revealed on Thursday that a new wireless mouse can be used to fit multiple modes of games. In 2017 the Razer Naga Pro was introduced with three interchangeable side panels, and is the successor to the Naga Trinity. This game allowed players to configure the mouse to best suit their style and favourite game genre with two, seven or 12 thumb buttons.

The new Naga Pro provides identical tables. The double button board is perfect for first-person shooters, the six button board is for battle royal / MOBA games and the 12 button sideboard is for MMO / RTS play.

The new Naga Pro from Razer is packed with the optic sensor Focus+, a 20,000 DPI sensor with intelligent tracking technology that can be adjusted over many surfaces and with optical switches that make immediate action and up to 70 million clicks. When connected via Bluetooth, battery life is rated to 100 hours above 2.4 GHz or 150 hours.

The new Razer rodent also supports HyperSpeed Wireless technology, which uses a communication protocol that has been designed to minimise the time it takes between the mouse and the PC to move data. According to Razer, it is software 25% faster and more energy efficient than any other wireless gaming device.

The new Razer Naga Pro wireless mouse can be selected by interested parties directly from Razer and approved dealers starting today at $149.99.

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