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Razer Went Ahead and Made a (Chewing Gum) for Gamers.

Razer Went Ahead and Made a (Chewing Gum) for Gamers.

If you didn’t know that, back in 2019, Razer created a series of gaming-focused energy drinks under the brand “Respawn.” And with the release of the gaming-focused chewing gum, “Respawn by 5 Gum,” the brand hopes to provide fans with the opportunity to play games for longer hours without losing focus.

Today , in order to produce the gum, Razer claims there was a “extensive amount of R&D” involved. The business has collaborated with 5 Gum from Mars Wrigley, the chocolate-maker, to create this gaming chewing gum.

A Chewing Gum for the Gamers

According to the organisation, the research and development process included the study and review of the everyday life, the gameplay schedule, and the snacking habits of gamers across the globe. Razer claims that he needed to create a product that could be “consumed at any time of day or night to keep players centred, but did not constantly impact them until the game was finished.”

Now, coming to the chewing gum, it comes in three new flavours: Cool Mango, Tropical Punch and Pomegranate. This gum is light on caffeine, unlike last year’s energy drink from Razer. The only source of caffeine in this gum is the extracts of green tea.

Ironically, the gum itself is black in colour, which makes it a kind of special chewing gum. But the firm claims it won’t turn your lips or tongue black, if that’s what you’re thinking about.

The “Respawn by 5 Gum” can be bought from Razer’s official website. You will get a pack of 15 strips for $2.99 (~Rs 220) or a pack of 10 15 strips for $27.99 (~Rs 2.060).

Yeah, whether you’re a casual or a pro gamer trying to boost your concentration and answer time, then give those gums a shot. And after chewing this gaming gum, don’t forget to review your reaction-time change using the “Real Benchmarking Tool”


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