Google Pixel 5 was released at $699, Pixel 4a 5G at $499.


The new flagship Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G have been formally unveiled by Google today. Not much would surprise you about the latest phones, given that almost everything about them was leaked in advance. However, for the latest Google phones, we now have official pricing, confirmation of specifications, and availability information.

The Pixel 5 is almost exactly what we expected it to be, starting from the flagship (of sorts). It comes with a modern, fresh design for selfies, with a punch hole camera up front. With a 90Hz refresh rate, there is a 6-inch 2340-1080 pixel display and finally, the Pixel has a full-screen design with no forehead or chin.

The Pixel 5 runs on the Snapdragon 765G processor under the hood, meaning it’s not even trying to compete against other Android OEMs’ flagship offerings, or the world’s iPhones. Nevertheless, it also suggests that Google is able to price it a lot better than Pixel devices in the past. You get 8 GB of RAM and IPX8 water resistance along with the cpu, which has the Qualcomm X52 modem for 5 G networking, by the way. On board, there is 128 GB of storage and 18W fast charging support to power up the 4,080mAh battery.

Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging are both included on the phone and it supports all sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks.

Obviously, without camera stuff, it wouldn’t be a Pixel launch, and this time around, the Pixel 5 finally has an ultra-wide angle lens. What’s more, even in low light, the company has added Night Sight to the portrait mode, which means you can take good-looking portrait shots.

In terms of sensor hardware, alongside the latest 16MP ultra-wide lens, the Pixel 5 comes with a 12.2MP main rear camera with OIS and EIS. You get an 8MP selfie shooter from the front.

There’s also a new Portrait Light feature here that lets you add lighting in a portrait picture to your subject. If it seems like what iPhones have been doing for a while, that’s not the case. This function allows you to drop lighting from wherever you want, so that you can determine how the portrait looks. What’s more, Google says you can use it from the Google Images app directly, and it will also work with older portrait photos!

The latest Pixel 5 is priced at $699 and will be available starting October 15 in the United States. Preorders are now available, so if you like, you can book your Pixel 5.

Pixel 4a 5G

The business today also released the 5G variant of the Pixel 4a. Not only does the latest phone deliver 5G, as opposed to its older and lower-priced sibling, it also changes a few hardware specifications.

In contrast to the Snapdragon 730G in the Pixel 4a, the Pixel 4a 5G comes with a bigger 6.2-inch 2340x1080p OLED display, and you get the Snapdragon 765G under the hood.

In the meantime, on the Pixel 4a 5G, you get the same 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage, but a larger 3,885mAh battery is on board. Notably, the Pixel 4a 5G does not support wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, or an IP rating for that matter, unlike the Pixel 5.

The Pixel 4a 5G is priced at $499 and will go on sale starting October 15 in Japan.

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