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Recommend 3 Webcams that are good to use, which one is your favorite | 4Gamers Thailand

Recommend 3 Webcams that are good to use, which one is your favorite | 4Gamers Thailand


Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 9:30:00 a.m. Indochina time

“Who would have thought that the tiny webcam on your laptop would get more use in recent years? Even if you go back to the office for a meeting on occasion. Or hold meetings or video calls so often that it’s a permanent part of your work life. Computer webcams have become one of the most important components. And the truth is that most laptop built-in cameras can’t provide enough of a good, high-quality video calling experience. So we would like to recommend 3 players to play in this year 2023 for you.

Best Overall: Logitech Brio 500
The Logitech Brio 500 is an upgraded version of the much-loved C920s HD Pro. It shoots video at the same quality up to 1080p 30fps, but with a wider field of view of the camera. upgraded zoom Improved auto exposure correction improved microphone The biggest difference I noticed in testing the Brio 500 was the improved light correction. Logitech’s RightLight 4 technology did a great job of making the entire image brighter when You are in a dim or dark environment.

The Brio 500 works with LogiTune software, which lets you customize camera settings such as field of view, autofocus, contrast, brightness, and more, as well as enabling the first display mode and RightSight features to help you. present things On a desk, just tilt the camera down. while the latter automatically puts you in the frame during a call. Even if you move around, RightSight works much like Apple’s Center Stage feature on iOS devices, and most people tend to take advantage of this feature more than show mode. If you want things more consistent Instead of enabling RightSight, you can choose from 90-, 78-, or 65-degree viewing angles.

Logitech has also updated the design of the Brio 500, which is made from recycled plastic. And it comes in three different colors that you can pair with other Logitech peripherals. The camera attaches to the base magnetically and easily rotates from side to side when you need to adjust its position. There’s also a built-in lens cover for extra privacy when you’re not using it. Overall, it has the best combination of essential features and useful accessories.

Second place: Anker PowerConf C200
Anker’s cube-shaped PowerConf C200 webcam has many of the same extra features as its top pick. along with some extra features Setup is equally easy. Just plug it into your computer or dock and start using it. You can download AnkerWork software to modify things like brightness, sharpness, and contrast ratio.

You can also control the camera’s resolution and angle of view with this software. The C200 webcam defaults to 2K resolution, but you can reduce the resolution to 1080p, 720p, or even 360p if desired. The same goes for the field of view: the default is 95 degrees, but I can lower mine to 78 degrees to give people we’re talking to a wider view of my surroundings.

It’s very impressive, with the C200’s video quality: 2K, which is probably a bit more clear than most people want (but 1080p is fine), and the increased sharpness is a nice touch. The webcam’s autofocus is quite fast, and the larger f/2.0 aperture captures more light. So you can stay lit even in the dark.

In addition to a built-in lens cover that you can slide off for privacy, the C200 has dual stereo microphones that do a great job of recording your voice loud and clear. You can also choose to get ambient or surround sound in the settings on AnkerWork.

Best for Streaming: Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra
Razer created the Kiyo Pro Ultra for streaming. And that’s immediately apparent as soon as you take this webcam out of the box. It’s huge. Its circular frame measures three inches in diameter and about two inches thick. It follows the design of previous Kiyo webcams, but of course this is the biggest. Maybe that’s because Razer stuffed so many things into this peripheral. It also has the largest sensor of any Kiyo webcam (1/1.2 inch), and the company claims it’s the largest sensor of any webcam of all time. The Pro Ultra also has an F/1.7 aperture lens. as well, which lets in a lot of light and produces exceptionally sharp images. Of course, it offers the best picture quality. This isn’t surprising as the camera itself can capture raw 4k/30fps (or 1080p/60fps) images.

Streamers will appreciate not only the high-quality images produced by this camera, but also HDR support, tasteful background blur. And the face-tracking autofocus quickly transitions from the front center to whatever subject they might show off to viewers. It works with Razer’s Synapse software as well, so you can customize your images to your liking. Customize things like zoom, pan, tilt, ISO, and shutter speed. Just know that Synapse only works on Windows devices, so you might be stuck with the defaults if you’re using macOS or Linux.

Kiyo Pro Ultra is fully compatible with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit, so most streamers will be able to unbox and start building a career right away. of the camera to cover the lens directly. It gives you more privacy when you need it. Without a doubt, the Kiyo Pro Ultra is one of the most powerful webcams out there. And it might be overkill for a beginner streamer. But serious and professional content creators will love quality videos. and the options to customize they are given. If you want similar quality and the ability to customize settings on Mac Facecam Pro, I recommend Elgato as a good alternative. It costs the same as the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra, can record video at 4K/60fps, and the Camera Hub software works on macOS and Windows.

“Finally, all of these are just options that I have selected for the readers of that article to choose or analyze their worthiness. In fact, there are many more options. If there are any interesting ones, I will look for them to review for readers to continue to read.


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