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Reset the BootExecute registry value to fix Windows shutdown and startup problems

Reset the BootExecute registry value to fix Windows shutdown and startup problems


I only use the laptop for software testing and bug fixing. I recently ran into an issue that prevented me from shutting down my Windows 8 laptop. Every time I pressed shutdown, nothing happened. I had a similar problem with my Windows 7 machine, so I have some troubleshooting experience. Windows won’t close questions.

Reset BootExecute Registry Value

Rule number one of a good technician is to check magazines first. Logs is a Windows event log to see if there are any errors or hints. Otherwise, whatever you do is just a shot in the dark – he could hit or miss. In my opinion, troubleshooting is an art and it takes time to master it. But it is fun and well worth the effort!

Selective startup in Windows 10/8

Let’s get back to the topic. So, I went through the Event Viewer with no success. I checked the application log, security log, syslog but didn’t find anything related to the problem. So I thought about using one of the classic troubleshooting steps that I often use, namely “Selective Startup“. For those who don’t know, selective startup is a way in which we disable all non-Microsoft items from startup and get a clean boot.

Open the task manager

Press “More details“And press”StartupTab

Sort by Publisher. Disable third party launches. To disable, right-click on the item and select Disable.


Make sure you haven’t disabled other important applications like motherboard chipset, audio drivers, display drivers, WiFi drivers, etc.

Now I shut down my computer, booted it up and tested it. Still no luck.

Bootexecute autocheck

Then I did a little research and found a registry key whose value determines the startup and shutdown behavior, and I decided to try it. Please back up your registry before making any changes. To make a backup:

Go to the modern user interface screen and type “Regedit”And press Enter.

Then go to File -> Export -> Under Export range, make sure you select “All


Then click “Save”.

We are now going to make these changes to the registry:

  • Go to next place-
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> SessionManager
  • Now in the right pane you will find BootExecute
  • Right click and select Modify
  • Remove all values ​​from it and replace with autocheck autochk * default value.
  • Then click OK and exit Registry Editor.


I rebooted the system and checked again. Everything seemed to be working fine.

V bootexecute autocheck autochk * defines applications, services, and commands to run at startup time. It can include additional commands after autocheck autochk * value. But don’t remove the default, autocheck autochk *, from the BootExecute value.

I know it is not easy to fix something, but it will be worth it. Hope you find this fix useful.


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