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revolutionizes the market for one of its most beloved products

revolutionizes the market for one of its most beloved products


Xiaomi’s reinvention of these mythical products can be very interesting.

Xiaomi does it again: revolutionizes the market for one of its most beloved products
These devices are game changers

Xiaomi is one of the companies that has diversified its market the most since it arrived in Europe. It has virtually all kinds of productsthis year they have been animated with the compact air conditionersBut also has products that very few people know that can save your life. However, this time it is not a new product as such, but it is the reinvention of one of them. We are talking about power banks, energy storage that allow us to connect our phone when we are far from civilization or, in this case, when we have left the charger at home. Let’s see what this technology can bring us. has reinvented itself in a very curious way.

The powerbank that changes the rules of the game

Many people thought that Xiaomi had somehow lost its innovative potential. However, for all those who doubted that the company can always surprise us have unveiled a new powerbank that changes the rules of the game.

In technical specifications it could look like any other powerbank. As pointed out from xiaomiui.net It has a 10,000 mAh battery capacity and is very compact, following the style that products of this brand are used to, the battery would take around four and a half hours to be filled in completely, something that is natural if we take into account the large capacity. Also, it comes in pretty pastel colorsthat make it quite casual and in general aspects it is quite beautiful.

A promotional photo of the Xiaomi Powerbank

This is what the Xiaomi Powerbank looks like

However, the strong point is not in any of this that we have told you. On the contrary, this would make it a quite normal power bank. The highlight is in your connection Incorporated since it brings us a cable that cannot be removed and that ends in a USB type C. This will allow us to do without any other wireso we will not have to carry the powerbank and a USB cable. In addition, this will allow the charging speeds are somewhat higher what we could expect from a product of this style. This point it’s not bad at all and it will allow us to avoid more than one headache in case we have left the cable at home.

On the other hand, it also brings a normal USB Type-C port and a USB-A port. All three can provide 22.5W of power, an amount very noticeable. In fact, in half an hour you can have more than half the battery of an iPhone 14 charged as indicated by the media.

In China it has come out for a really cheap price. The change costs approximately 15 or 16 eurosso it would be a very cheap powerbank that would be available for all kinds of pockets. Is available in two pastel colorsbeing one blue and the other very light brown.

In short:

  • It is available in two pastel colors.
  • It has a capacity of 10,000 mAh.
  • His greatest interest is that It already comes with a USB-C cable so we don’t forget it at home.
  • Still and with everything it has another USB-C port and one USB-A.
  • It has a charging power of 22.5W
  • In China it has come out at a really cheap price. It is not known when or if it will come out in our country.


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