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Right-click not working in Teams [Fix]

Right-click not working in Teams [Fix]


If the right-click is not working in your Microsoft Teams desktop client, read this post to know how to fix the issue. Like any complex software application, Microsoft Teams sometimes faces issues ranging from minor glitches to more significant problems. One such issue that’s raising concern among users is the right-click context menu issue.

Right-click not working in Teams

According to the users, the context menu doesn’t appear when they press the right button on the mouse to get spelling suggestions, text-pasting options, etc., in chat boxes, replies, or within Teams channels. Also, for a few users, the emojis and Arrow keys are not working. The issue occurs in the Teams desktop client and may occur after an app update.

Fix Right-click not working in Teams

If the right-click functionality is not working in your Microsoft Teams chats, try running Teams using administrator privileges. If that doesn’t work, use the following troubleshooting suggestions to resolve the issue:

  1. Update Teams.
  2. Pop out the chat in Teams.
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Uninstall Teams, delete MS Teams cache, and reinstall Teams.
  5. Use the web version of Teams.

Let us see these in detail.

1] Update Teams

Check for updates Teams

According to many users, the issue appeared with specific versions of Teams and might be resolved after updating Teams. For some, the desktop app v1.6.00.21970 (64-bit) displayed this issue.

Although the Teams desktop app updates independently, you can force it to check and install updates momentarily. Open the Teams app and click on the three-dots icon in the right corner of the title bar. Select Check for updates. Teams will notify you to check and install any updates while you continue to work.

Note: If Teams was working well for you a few days back, you can try to roll back to the last update and turn off auto-updates till Microsoft releases a patch to fix the issue.

2] Pop out the chat in Teams

Pop out chat in Teams

If the above fixes don’t work, you may resort to a few workarounds.

Instead of using the chat option within the Teams app window, use the pop-out chat window. Hover your cursor over the chat name in the left panel. A pop out chat icon will appear (a square with an up-right arrow symbol). Click on the icon. Now try using right-click menu options in the chat message box. They should be working now.

3] Use keyboard shortcuts

Another workaround is using the keyboard shortcuts for a few context menu options. For example, you can press Ctrl+X to cut a certain part of the text, press Ctrl+C to copy the text, and press Ctrl+V to paste the text within the chat window in Teams.

4] Uninstall Teams, delete MS Teams cache, and reinstall Teams

Teams app cache folders

Since the issue is possibly a bug in the app and is nowhere related to the Windows settings, you can try to fix the issue temporarily till Microsoft pushes an update to get the feature up and working again.

Go to Settings > Apps > Installed apps. Search for Microsoft Teams. Click on the three-dots icon next to the app name and select Uninstall.

Open File Explorer, paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the address bar and press EnterDelete the files from the folders that contain Teams cache data.

Note: A few users have also been able to fix the issue without uninstalling the app, just by deleting the settings.json folder which is located within the Teams app data folder. However, the fix only works for the current session, causing the issue to reappear when the user closes and reopens Teams.

Once the MS Teams cache is deleted successfully, reboot your PC and download the latest version of Teams from Microsoft’s official site. Reinstall Teams and see if the issue is gone.

Note: The issue may reappear after a reboot if the re-installed version is also buggy.

5] Use the web version of Teams

The last workaround is to use the web version of Teams. As per the affected users, the issue only appears in the Teams desktop client, so you should not be facing any problems while accessing the context menu options in the Temas web app.

I hope this helps.

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Why is Teams not correcting spelling?

If you’re not able to receive spelling suggestions in Teams, make sure you have enabled spell check in Teams settings. Open Teams and click the three dots icon in the top right corner. Select Settings. Within the Settings window, navigate to the Language section under the General tab. Click on the checkbox for Enable spell check. Restart Teams. The spell check should be working now.

Why is my Teams not letting me type?

If you’re not able to type in chat or send a message in MS Teams, close the app using Windows Task Manager. Then restart Teams, sign out of your Teams account, and sign in again. See if you’re able to type now. If you’re using the Teams web app, try typing using the Teams desktop app or the Teams mobile app.

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Right-click not working in Teams


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