Home Gaming Roblox allows Creators to create content for those 17+.

Roblox allows Creators to create content for those 17+.

Roblox allows Creators to create content for those 17+.


Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 10:08:10 PM Indochina time

Roblox is most popular among school-aged kids and teens. Despite the game itself saying it is “Platform for all ages” With the reputation of family-friendly games The company has said it will allow creators to create content exclusively for users 17 and older. But this isn’t a significant portion of Roblox’s user base either, the platform said in a press release Tuesday that in 2022, 38 percent of its players are over 17.

Specifically, Roblox says Creators will be able to “represents adult themes and stories in shows and stand-up comedy” as the company says This may include violence, blood, crude humor, romantic themes. and alcoholic beverages Players may see gambling-related content at “Unable to play” While it’s not clear what this is all about, Roblox will provide further clarification at a later date.

To access this content You’ll need to verify your age by uploading a photo of your driver’s license or ID along with a selfie to prove you’re real. “We are more confident in people’s age and identity.” More age verification methods may be added in the future.

Eligible creators can start creating these experiences today. These experiences will begin rolling out to users at “eligible” Over the next few weeks, Roblox says its goal is to provide a safe and engaging experience for those 17 and older. “eligible”

Roblox has traditionally marketed itself to a younger audience, for example earlier this year. The company has partnered with Razer to release a Roblox Edition gaming device just for kids. But with a user base of less than a third of users over the age of 17, it makes sense for the company to want to provide more adult content.


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