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RoV crazy rabbit eArena made a surprise to bring the legendary RoV player JJak into the army !!


Wednesday, December 21, 2022, 6:15:59 p.m. Indochina time

Crazy Rabbit eArena is continuing to develop the greatness of their affiliated RoV team. Because of the performance of the eArena team in the past RoV Pro League 2022 WInter, the frenzied rabbit team showed a very aggressive form until everyone nicknamed it the “dark horse team” of last season’s RoV Pro League competition.

By eArena, this line-up set is a rising star player who has developed skills until able to compete in RoV Pro League 2022, consisting of 5 main players such as Littleboyz, Namcs, Kaito, Gabrielz and Russel. Reserve a trick like Happybibi to always change it.

But in the RoV Pro League 2022 WInter competition, the eArena team seems to have lost its horse many times. Because they tend to play in the early-mid game. But when it came to the end of the game, eArena often made the wrong decisions often causing it to turn around and lose many matches. therefore making the points that should have been lost quite a lot

Therefore, the best person who can solve the problem at this point outside of the player’s stillness is the RoV coach. eArena is aware of this problem and has arranged a big surprise by pulling a former world champion RoV player from South Korea. JJak took over the team as an announcement from the official page yesterday.

The arrival of JJak would help in concentrating, controlling and closing the game of the eArena team quite a lot. Because don’t forget that JJak, he used to be a world champion player, a league champion, as well as being a coach for the Bacon Time team for a while. Therefore, JJak’s experience will definitely elevate the Mad Rabbit team many times more than before in the RoV Pro League 2023 competition next year.

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