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RoV new hero Bonnie and everything you need to know before seeing the real thing in the game | 4Gamers Thailand


Friday, January 6, 2023, 2:48 p.m. 02 p.m., Indochina time.

New hero, RoV Bonnie, now many people have already got some faces in their eyes. After the fan page Garena RoV Thailand The younger’s face has been officially revealed. Which is exactly according to the rumors that came out before, because she was designed in a pink-headed little girl who is super cute, along with 3 other dolls of her best friend, but now we Let’s see what we need to know about the arrival of Bonnie, the newest RoV hero mage.

1. Bonnie is a mage-type hero.

Bonnie is another hero mage (mid lane) of the latest RoV, her abilities will change according to the power of Bonnie’s doll gloves, each doll will have lightning, curse or power explosions, all 3 of which This will be linked to all 3 Bonnie skills.

2. Bonnie is the parent Clound Control (CC) mage.

Bonnie is a mage hero with a unique CC skill that blocks the enemy’s movement. Whether it’s locking the legs to stop the enemy in place or the wacky ultimate that will gather enemies into a group. Plus, in addition to CC, Bonnie also has a skill that can make her clear creeps quickly from skill 1 that throws an AOE bomb with great damage.

3. Bonnie will play a very important role in the RoV meta right now.

From Bonnie’s ability, roughly described above, Bonnie has a lot of AOE skills, so her role in the RoV meta is now said to be just right. Because now the game at a high RoV rank is often decided at the team fight in the Dark Slayer area in the 15-minute draft (God Slayer). It allows teammates to attack and kill all enemies.

4. When will Bonnie enter the game?

Now it is confirmed that Bonnie will enter the RoV game on January 11, 2023, which will fit the Chinese New Year festival of the RoV game, so she will come with some great highlights that the team has prepared. To surprise the players on the Chinese New Year’s Day, just right.

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