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RoV Pro League 2023 leaked THAI FIGHT Pathum Esports team information, the gathering center!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2023, 6:01:15 PM Indochina time

After rumors emerged that in this year’s RoV Pro League 2023 competition, there will be new RoV teams buying more slots to compete. And it seems that the rumor status at that time has changed to real news. Because a moment ago, a famous news hawk like support Has come out to reveal information about this matter.

by support Has shared a post from a fan page. THAI FIGHT Pathum Esports and said that the new team that will fill in the RoV Pro League 2023 would be this team, along with adding more information that it is an investment between the Thai Fight King of Muay Thai boxing promoter and the Pathum Thani Provincial Esports Association.

The players that pop up in the clip of potential RoV Pro League rookies are mostly young players who have recently parted ways with their old rivals PSG Esports and eArena, including Littleboyz, Jdai, PJ, Happybibi and Negan.

On the other hand, this team will be coached by Goru, a former eArena coach who has a very good manual for Littleboyz and Happybibi. Also, let’s not forget that both Jdai, PJ and Negan are semi-pro developed players. Skilled until being pulled into the army by a big team during last year’s RoV Pro League, so in terms of camaraderie and playing style, they should be able to tune in easily.

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