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RoV, PSG Esports team, a line-up that combines veterans and rising stars.


Friday, January 20, 2023, 2:12:45 p.m. Indochina time

The RoV PSG Esports team has launched 2 players and 1 coach who will join the army and join the RoV Pro League 2023 Summer. After previously relying on the veteran RoV Mid Lane mage player Nornun on Tuesday.

by 2 players who fill the first PSG Esports team is Teenoise, a former player who has been in the RoV Pro League arena with the EVOS Esports team for Teenoise’s position is Abyssal Dragon Lane or Cary, which is The position that PSG Esports are looking for right now is Berry, who also plays in the Abyssal Dragon Lane carry position. But PSG Esports probably saw something and pulled him to join the army.

That’s not all, because PSG Esports has also launched a coach who will take over this team for the RoV Pro League 2023 battle. Last year’s strongest Semi-Pro, Redkid 7, as well as XERXIA is here, this coach is named JinWoo.

In conclusion, the RoV PSG Esports lineup that will be sent to the RoV Pro League 2023 Summer tournament at the end of this month consists of FirstOne, Isilindilz, Nornun, Teenoise, Berry, Ashearth and Coach Jinwoo. Play a lot of veterans and newcomers to look out for.

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