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RoV Season 25 Buffing the hero Kahli that makes the fans of the game all hot !!


Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 4:48 PM 17 PM, Indochina time

The new RoV patch Season 24 comes with balancing RoV heroes that are rarely played or dropped from the meta, such as Jinna, Arduin, and Lubu, but in this new RoV patch, in addition to the 3 heroes mentioned, also There is another hero that fans of RoV games have lost after the developers decided to buff up their abilities after it was originally quite annoying.

One of the most balanced RoV heroes in the RoV game is Kahli, a 6-handed female mage with a powerful ranged creep clearing ultimate. Along with a slow pool and a lot of HP reduction, Kahli is very popular in the top rank RoV (Gold-Daimond) because at this rank, not many people pick up heroes to take Kahli as a mage. how many dead legs Therefore making it quite good at that rank enough from standing to pay the skill in a chill way

Kahli is buffed for another weak point: “Not enough mana” because Kahli is a hero who constantly needs a 2 skill combo with a 1 ability to pit enemies or clear creeps. So Kahli’s mana runs out very quickly if the player doesn’t do the math. Therefore, the developers of RoV decided to buff Kahli’s mana consumption down by reducing skill 1’s mana cost from 100+10/level → 60+5/level

The other 3 characters Jinna, Arduin and Lubu are all enhanced. Most notably, it was probably Lubu who changed Lubu’s HP regeneration after activating his ultimate from 10% reduced health to 10% maximum health. Therefore, it is unlikely that the RoV Lubu meta, the Full Tank type, may return to be born again in the RoV Season 25 meta.

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