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RoV Team Bacon Time has brought the legendary player of the team ‘Cherie’ back home.


Thursday, March 2, 2023, 5:25 p.m. 53 p.m., Indochina time


A few days ago, the pink pig agency, the Bacon Time team, announced the good news that everyone had been waiting for a very long time by pulling a famous former RoV player who made a reputation for himself. And the team from the pioneer era like Cherie returned to the Bacon Time team again after leaving the team since 2019 or more than 4 years.

Cherie’s return this time, needless to say, how happy it was for Bacon Time’s fans because many people started to know Bacon Time from their ability to win international championships. RoV RoV Throne of Glory in 2017 and winning the championship at that time is considered to be the awakening of the e-sports trend of the RoV game that has been popular until today.

RoV Bacon Time’s RoV Throne of Glory 2017 champion lineup consists of Cherie, JameCo, MeMarkz, Remix, and 007x. RoV to this day like the phrase “Unbearable for people like Che”, which this sentence comes from Cherie at that time, playing tough heroes a lot in the RoV meta at the time. Her breakthrough heroes were Maloch and Taara.

Cherie’s arrival completes the gap in Bacon Time as it completes the reunion of former Legendary players. Now, legendary players like Cherie, JameCo, MeMarkz, Remix, 007x, and Moss are all back together. remaining members But maybe in the future we’ll (maybe) see Cherie join the Bacon Time team in the Honor of Kings or Chinese RoV tournaments.

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