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RoV VALOR CITY 2023 Give away free skins and find representatives in the northern region at Central Chiang Mai.


Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 6:02:41 PM, Indochina time.

On May 13 – 14, 2023, RoV VALOR CITY 2023 held a qualifying round for southern representatives at Central Surat Thani. The proud representatives of the two teams of the southern people are the XERXIA team, the champion of the south and the RERUN team, the runner-up of the southern region. Considered the dignity of the regional representative team And we will see these skills again in the finals at the northern stage.

Let’s come to the final part of the competition program. This time is a competition to select representatives of the North. and consecutive finals The location will be Central Chiang Mai, 1st floor, promotional courtyard 2, from 25 to 28 May 2023 at 11:00 a.m. onwards, with 8 strong teams that qualify for the northern representatives. And will come to show us their skills on the day of the event as follows

The 8 teams that have passed through the qualifying round for the northern representatives are ..

  • Amigo game play
  • Buriram United ESPORTS SPARK
  • cherish dreams
  • GO ACADEMY (old name Aquarium E-sport)
  • GS SwSk esports
  • Oasis esports (old name MYF-The Winner)
  • Thai Fight Pathumma Lightweight
  • W E Sports

2 of these 8 teams will get the last 2 tickets to the final round of the RoV VALOR CITY 2023 program. There will be a draw to divide the line of the finals. The format of the finals will be a double elimination with an upper bracket and lower bracket, with the top bracket runners-up from each region being placed in the upper bracket. And the team that qualified for the 2nd place in each region will be in the bottom line. But who will meet in any round of any line must come and win with the draw on May 26, 2023.

The final round of the RoV VALOR CITY 2023 program will be held on May 27 – 28, 2023 at Central Chiang Mai, immediately after the northern representative qualifying round. It’s finally time to find out which team this 2023 VALOR GOD will be. come and witness the new legend together in the event

In addition to the intense competition that arranged for everyone to cheer closely on the edge of the stage There are also many activities for attendees to enjoy and win premium prizes specially made for this event. Including prizes from the most exclusive RoV

RoV game skin distribution activities throughout the day

1. The first 200 attendees of each day Get permanent skins for free Permanent skins can only choose 1 out of 5 skins, and each day the skins that can be selected will be different. The details are as follows:

Northern representative qualifying round

  • On May 25, 2023, give away Capheny : Maid Cafe / Ilumia : Ice Queen / Omen : Bloody Baron / Wukong : Agent / Paine : Symphony of Death
  • On May 26, 2023, give away Thorne : Soldier’s Fortune / Zata : Soldier’s Fortune / Xeniel : Armageddon / Max : Excelsior / Keera : Sweetheart Nurse Final
  • May 27, 2023 Slimz: Rumble Time / Yue: Fleeting Gaze / Helen: Forest Tale / Tachi: Tidal Surge / Keera: Carano Scholar
  • May 28, 2023 Elsu: Snow Eagle / Krixi: Empyrean Champion: Aquarius / Aya: Victorious Banner / Dextra: Busy Monday / Sinestrea: Lazy Sunday

2. Enter the room quickly, get free skins event

RoV game skin distribution activities throughout the day 1. The first 200 participants of each day. Get permanent skins for free Permanent skins can choose skins, give away skins, big prizes that everyone sees must be wowed in stage activities throughout the day, up to 326 prizes, just enter the room as quickly as possible. Reserve the right for people who come to work offline in the northern region only. The skins distributed are as follows:

– All heroes

– ALL Wave 4 Girls

– Dimension Breaker Valhein: Disciple of Science

– Wukong: Demon Ruler

– Taara: Yakuza

– Ryoma: Yakuza

– Alice: Chickadee flutters.

– Zata: God of Sunlight

– Once: Lion Bolt

– Amily: Dystopia Enforcer: Tarantula

– Aleister: Cheerful Orb

– Eland’orr: Darwin: The Secret Investigator

– Mina: Dance of Death

– Arduin: Hellfire Nether Halberd

– Shock: Hellfire Demon’s arm

– Fennik: A brave astronaut.

– La Ville: Guardian of the Turtles

– Tel’Annas: Cupid’s messenger

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