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Samsung overtakes the Apple Store on the right with its new store in South Korea


Samsung has opened a store in the same district of Seoul as the Apple Store and it is simply impressive for its size and functionalities.

Samsung overtakes the Apple Store on the right with its new store in South Korea
The new Samsung store in South Korea has 6 floors and 2,000 square meters of space.

samsung is celebrating, just a few days ago opened a new store in the Gangnam district of Seoul (South Korea). It is important to mention the location, since this new establishment of the South Korean firm shares a neighborhood with an apple store which opened in April, just a few months ago. The Samsung store has nothing to envy to that of AppleWell, it has a spectacular size and very interesting functionalities for visitors.

As reported SamMobilethe new Samsung store in South Korea has 2,000 square meters of space divided into 6 different floors. Throughout the entire store, users will be able to try the brand’s productsfrom mobile phones to virtual reality glasses, as well as choosing new colors for appliances like the fridge and see in 3D how they would look. This new Samsung Store ensures a fun experiencethe visit is well worth it.

This is the new Samsung store in South Korea

Samsung has just opened a new store in Seoul, specifically in the Gangnam district. Comparisons are inevitablebecause only a few months before the inauguration of a new Apple Store took place in the same place. It seems that Samsung has not kept anything in the pipeline to overtake that Apple Store on the right, since it has created its largest store to date.

Samsung store play zone

Visitors to the Samsung store can also try their monitors.

The newly opened Samsung Store is 2,000 square meters in size and 6 stories high, from the B1 floor to the fifth. Its visit was limited to Samsung fans on the first day, although it is now open to the general public. In fact, the store has specific spaces for attract Gen Z users (mid 1990s-early 2000s) and the millennial generation (early 80’s to early 90’s).

Upon entering the store, visitors can scan a QR code to find out what kind of products and experiences are on each floor. Of course, in this Samsung Store they will be able to try most of the products of the firm: mobile phones, tablets, headphones, smart televisions… In fact, they can even test screens gaming playing for a while in the sets located in the store.

This Samsung store has a large part of the products in the catalog, but not all. still, you can know and compare the characteristics of those devices that are not available for testing. Visitors can also put on virtual reality glasses at the BeSpoke zone Start Finishwhere they can play with the color of the electrical appliances and check in 3D how they would look.

BeSpoke Home Meta zone in the Samsung store

Samsung BeSpoke appliances let you choose their design.

Samsung store also has a place to have a coffee and capture the moment with one of their smartphones. In addition, there are also other areas that host interactive experiences, conferences and customer service for company users. Anyone who enters this Samsung Store already knows that they will be able to spend hours and hours inside without getting bored not for a moment

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