Home Tech Samsung presents its alternative to Google Discover: limited but interesting

Samsung presents its alternative to Google Discover: limited but interesting

Samsung presents its alternative to Google Discover: limited but interesting


It is much better focused than ‘Free’, although the worst thing about this new Samsung News is that it is in the testing phase, still very limited and only for the United States.

Samsung presents its alternative to Google Discover: limited but interesting
Samsung News is the new news ‘feed’ that the South Korean giant has devised for its Galaxy.

not all samsung inventions they work, both in hardware and software, and it is easy to remember when the South Korean giant He was trying to sneak his own iPod into us. with very relative success, or when TouchWiz equally horrified ‘fansungs’ and othersalthough the truth is that it has been a long time the Seoul-based firm has caught a good wave when it comes to introducing us to new productswith a great reception of their Galaxy S23the best-selling foldables and a customization on Android that, now, works.

In any case, your new Samsung Experience on Android, One user interfacealso arrives plagued by bloatware like McAfee, which has signed 9 more years as coupleplus a host of Samsung proprietary apps and services whose usefulness, in some cases, is quite null or limited in many markets.

This was the case samsung freea kind of feed where disparate information such as widgets, smartphone news and our calendar were brought together, as well as the most important news according to our interests, in a kind of Google Discover that never finished convincing anyone and that, fortunately, could be deactivated or changed by Discover itself.

We can now say goodbye to Samsung Free, although certainly very few Galaxy users used it. Very soon Samsung News will replace it now much more and better focused on the news and keeping us informed according to our interests.

Now, as you told us the South Korean giant himself on its news portal for the United States, the experience of Samsung Free will be upgraded and replaced by a new feed called Samsung Newswhich will update directly above ‘Free’ and that, with a better approach, will offer a variety of customizable news sourcesmore reliable, so that we can all get what we are interested in in seconds and in the same carousel.

Not only that, but also Samsung News will be able to do morning and evening summaries so that we stay informed even if we don’t have much time, providing access to content from a wide range of partners among which stand out, from the beginning:

  • media
  • CNN
  • Fortune
  • foxnews
  • Glamor
  • G.Q.
  • HuffPost
  • Money
  • news week
  • New York Post
  • parade
  • refinery29
  • Reuters
  • Lounge
  • Board
  • Sports Illustrated
  • the daily beast
  • The street
  • Vice

They were very clear in Samsung that and feed news had to be just thatand feed news:

We created Samsung News to bring premium, breaking news to Galaxy users in an easily accessible format. Our goal is to help users by allowing them to select their ideal news experience. Avner Ronen, Vice President of Product Development at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung presents its alternative to Google Discover: limited but interesting

This is how Samsung News will look on Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

The service has already launched in the United States, where It was released on April 18 to gradually arrive to all users as a Samsung Free update, modifying icon, application and experience on selected smartphones for these tests beta open.

confirm that will be available in more markets very soonas more partners start joining the agreements, already offering up to three ways each easier to access the daily news from our Galaxy mobile:

  • daily reports: they will be delivered to users twice a day (morning and evening report), and they will be worked with a team of editors (humans, no AI) who will select the most important news according to the selected interests.
  • news sources: Users will be able to choose their news sources from the list of partnersenjoying a feed categorized and organized to facilitate access to information.
  • podcast: from the News app we can also select and listen to our podcast favorites, both news and entertainment.

Without a doubt, we appreciate the turn of the helm, and it is that Samsung Free did not have much room because it covered a lot and did nothing quite right. In my case, in fact, it was deactivated from day one… I don’t know if we’ll get to use it a lot now, but at least we will have a serious alternative to the experience offered by Google Discoversurely better integrated into the One UI experience.


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