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Samsung’s new ad goes after Apple users again


Samsung has done it again: they have returned to launch darts against Apple and its users in a new announcement.

Samsung's new ad goes after Apple users again

Apple’s bids to Samsung they are already a classic of the war between the two main mobile manufacturers. At the moment the veiled insults have had the foldables as protagonists: first with the Galaxy Z Flip 4then asked the Cupertino factory when were they planning to launch their first folding and just over a month ago they boasted cameras against its most direct competition.

Having said that, Samsung has once again thrown a new dart at Apple with a new announcement that the Koreans have published today on YouTube, and that you can see a little below.

“The Galaxy awaits you”


Samsung prods Apple again in an ad

This could be the rough translation of the catchphrase that Samsung is using in its new advertising. It is also an advertisement that for non-English speakers can be a little difficult to decipher, since the expression is used sitting on the fence. More or less comes to mean that a decision is being delayed.

Again, just like they already did with the first quiz that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the protagonist is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Apparently having this device turns Apple users’ attention towards one.

If something sins a little, the ad is from be very unrealistic with respect to how the common user speaks. The naming of Samsung’s folding series is not easy for people on the street to pick up; no one calls these devices by their full name.

Be that as it may, again it seems that Samsung’s main weapon against those from Cupertino is that some of their phones fold, while Apple still does not join this trend. Speaking of folding, we remind you that you can read our review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to know what we think of these terminals.

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