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Scanning documents with the mobile is no longer an ordeal since I use this application


Google released this app, and since then I haven’t been able to use another. It is very easy to use and allows you to keep order in your scans.

Scanning documents with the mobile is no longer an ordeal since I use this application
With Stack you can scan documents and they are sorted intelligently

Sometimes scanning something on mobile is really complicated. In fact, on many occasions It is almost easier to choose to take a simple photo and trim that use a scanner app. Scan with a Xiaomi mobile It has never been a big complication, but on many occasions, the fact that it used the same system as the camera made everything a little more complicated. Google has been aware of this and has tried to release a solution that mixes best of scanners with quite advanced file management with your application called Stack.

In this way we will have everything in the palm of our hand. Not only a really useful application that takes all the power of our camera to scan documents, but it will also categorize and manage within the application itself. Therefore, we are going to see how it works and what are the strengths in the use of this application.

Stack: the best app to use as a scanner

Stack is a Google application that allows us to scan documents. So far so good. Simply use your phone’s camera to scan a piece of paper and automatically convert it to PDF. This is done by any app, but Stack takes it to another level. Once this point is reached, the things that make this application special arrive.

The first of all is that it makes use of an artificial intelligence system that will highlight the most important points of a document. Do you scan a ticket to have it handy? Well, from the application they will highlight the total price so that you do not have problems when accessing it. This allows people who have a Autonomous work can be better organized and save time.

The thing does not stop there. From Stack they have also pointed out the importance of creating a platform in which to have our PDF scans all accessible in one place. That is why you also have this interesting option when working. Besides, you can import other PDF so that you have them all there well computers. The application itself will intelligently categorize them depending on the theme of the scan. Yes indeed, your data will be safe since only you will have access to them.

Stack allows us to see the main details of a photograph without problems

Stack highlights important information from a scan

On the other hand, thanks to its link with Google, you can have an automatic backup always within reach. In this way, you will not lose the documents if there is a failure in your mobile phone or if you change to a new one.

To recap, with Stack you can:

  • Use your phone as if it were a portable document scanner. You can scan what you want, how you want.
  • Have a high-quality PDF file transformer.
  • Use AI to search determining information within the documentthis is fundamental since it allows us to use it in a very interesting way to copy information.
  • It makes automatic backups.
  • It offers the possibility to use the application as a platform to import PDF files.

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