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Secret exercise bike found in Riders Republic

Secret exercise bike found in Riders Republic


Riders Republic is all about speed, style and extreme stunts. The vast majority of vehicles and sports in the game encourage you to take risks and make great strides. But the Riders Republic also contains several secrets, including one that is clearly not extreme: an exercise bike that doesn’t actually do anything.

In the Cascade Canyon section of Grand Teton, you can find a relic – secret collectibles marked with a Christmas tree and tons of gifts. Walk up to the spot and you can get the secret relic vehicle, the Training Bike.

Riders Republic

The training bike in Riders Republic won’t move an inch.

It’s no exaggeration to call it useless: with a skill rating of 1, it has by far the worst performance of any vehicle in the game. There is also the problem that it doesn’t actually do anything. You cannot move your training bike; your character will just pedal enthusiastically. You might call it an exercise in futility.

The Training Bike is just one of 11 relics scattered throughout the game, and some of them are much more useful. For example, Plane Wing gives you a powerful boost, making it the fastest way to navigate the map.


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