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Seriuos Sam Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Seriuos Sam Coming to Xbox Game Pass


Seriuos Sam Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has prepared a surprise for the owners of Xbox Game Pass – it became known that Seriuos Sam 4 will appear in it. And not only on the PC, but also on the Xbox Series. And the surprises don’t end there. During Game Avords 2021, the company will name 4 more games that will add to the subscription service on release day.

The developers of Serious Sam 4, Croeream and Devolver Digital did not advertise the appearance of the console version of the shooter in any way. The game also appeared in the Microsoft Store, but it is true that you will not be able to purchase a separate fourth part of the series – it is included in the Launch Bundle. The bundle also includes all the content of Seriuos Sam HD: The First Encounter, Seriuos Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Seriuos Sam 3: BFE with all the additions. The price of the entire set is $ 39.99. Serious Sam 4 has since been released on PC and Stadia.

There have also been two lists of games published. In one of which the projects are already known, and in the other the names are carefully overwritten. The names of these “secret” projects will be revealed during The Game Awards 2021.

The exhibition itself begins on December 10. According to Jeff Keely, this year they are preparing two events, preparing 4-5 projects of the Elden Ring level.


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