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Sharing your Netflix password could be illegal


The UK Intellectual Property Office suggests that sharing your Netflix password with others is an illegal practice.

Sharing your Netflix password could be illegal
Do you share your Netflix password? According to the UK Intellectual Property Office, this would be an illegal practice.

netflix takes a while struggling with the practice that thousands of users of its platform have been doing for years, and which consists of share your account with other peoplewhether or not they live at the same address. The company has carried out various tests with which to try to limit this practice, from charge users extra until using verification codes.

But none of his plans have worked.

However, the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom has supported Netflix in its particular war against shared accounts, noting that this practice would be illegalas it violates copyright law.

Netflix (and other companies) could take legal action

According to the IPO, share netflix password It is not only a practice that goes against the terms of use of the platform. It could also be a violation of copyright law that both Netflix and the rest of the companies in charge of video-on-demand platforms they could denouncejust like indicate in BBC.

In this sense, it is specified that there are various provisions in criminal and civil law that could be applicable in case of sharing passwords, since this practice allows access to works protected by copyright without having paid for them.

This translates into a breach of contractual terms, fraud or copyright infringementdepending on the case, and the companies providing the service would have the capacity to take legal action If necessary.

Any decision to charge someone for sharing passwords for streaming services would be on a case-by-case basis, with due consideration of the individual context and facts of each case. As with all cases, if an investigator refers you to CPS for a prosecution decision, our duty is to prosecute when there is sufficient evidence to do so and when prosecution is required in the public interest – Crown Prosecution Service (CPS )

Today, yes, neither Netflix nor any other company has taken legal action, nor is it expected to do so, although it is expected that it will become increasingly difficult to share accounts with friends and family. Since Netflix, they have been paving the way with functions such as the possibility of transfer data from one account to another.

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