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Some young people are turning to flip phones to detox from social media


The so-called Generation Z loves flip phones and a good proof of this is that these terminals are a trend on TikTok.

Some young people are turning to flip phones to detox from social media
The Nokia 2260 Flip is a flip terminal that hit the market in the middle of last year

The cover mobiles enjoyed great popularity among mobile phone users two decades agobut they were overwhelmed by the android smartphones and the iPhones of Apple.

But now, it seems that the clamshell terminals they are becoming fashionable among the youngestas explained a recent study carried out by CNNthat affirms that the Centennials bet for use the classic cover mobiles to disconnect from social networks.

Cover mobiles triumph among Generation Z

According to the writers of this report, some young users They bet on leaving home with analog, shell-type mobilesbecause they love the photos they get with these devices, since, despite not having the same quality as those taken with a smartphone, they have a really cool retro touch and, in addition, they can focus 100% on interacting with their friends, while not be aware of social networks.

Precisely, another of the causes that explain this new trend is that these phones allow Centennials disconnect from social media for a few hourssomething that many of them see more and more necessary.

Obviously, flip phones have also become fashionable among the youth because some famous people have joined this trend. Thus, for example, the singer Camila Cabello recently published a tweet with some photographs of him posing with a TCL brand cover mobile and with the following text: “I’m the flip phone revolution team. Maybe I can write the theme song guys.”

Likewise, actress Dove Cameron, who became known on Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie” show, also claimed in an interview that she was using a flip phone, specifically “a little ’90s Matrix-y flip phone.” why keeping an eye on social media is really bad for hersince his presence in them was “misleading”.

But that’s not all, because the folding mobiles of yesteryear also They are a trend in one of the most popular social networks of the moment, Tik Tok. So, for example, Sammy Palazzolo, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has a TikTok account in which he recommends using clamshell phones that he already accumulates. more than 14 million views and more than 3 million “likes”. In fact, this TikToker has made the hashtag #BRINGBACKFLIPPHONES (Let’s bring back flip phones) fashionable.

The only company that has spoken out about this new fashion is precisely HMD Global, the owner of the Finnish firm Nokia, which is the only brand that has recently launched a flip terminal, the Nokia 2260 Flip. Thus, Jackie Kates, marketing director of HMD Global, has stated the following about this new trend among Centennials:

“It’s a generation that didn’t have a Nokia as their first phone and probably discovered our brand through social media”

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