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Spotify New “Car Mode” and Other Good Features

Spotify New “Car Mode” and Other Good Features

According to a recent tweet from the developer, the Swedish music streaming giant has made reference to and elements of the new “Auto Mode Dashboard.” This includes wider grids with the suggested playlist icons and a banner that encourages users to use Spotify via Google Assistant.

Along with this latest UI home screen, Spotify is also working on a new UI for its “Auto Mode” media app. The new player has more choices than the current generation player. For eg, unlike the current player, the new one has a shuffle button.

Apart from the above functionality, Wong has discovered a few others that will soon find their way to the site. One of these features would let Spotify free users stream music entirely offline for 30 minutes per day.

According to news, there was a screenshot of the feature that reads, “Listen without the internet for 30 minutes every day. No smartphone or Wi-Fi data needed.

One last thing Wong has announced is a new like button for the Spotify Stream. As per the reverse engineer, the company could soon add a new fun animation to the player’s like button to make it more interactive.

So, these are the improvements that Spotify could add to its app to compete with rivals and attempt to persuade free users to get a paid membership.


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