This Tiny Gadget is taking Android Auto Wireless to Incompatible Cars


Google, since Android 11 released, has added a lot of features to its apps for Android devices around the world. One of the long-awaited updates that the company has introduced to Android is wireless networking for Android Cars. Currently, while this function is very helpful, it relies on a number of variables to operate properly. And as wired networks now appear primitive, the Indiegogo project intends to offer wireless networking to all Android users , regardless of the accessibility factors.

Created by a well-known Dutch maker, Emil Borconi-Szedressy, the “AAWireless” is basically a tiny box that acts as a mediator between the Android Auto header of your car’s infotainment device and your Android smartphone.

The unit attaches to your car’s infotainment system with a USB cable and sits like a dongle. It uses Wi-Fi to link your mobile to the Android Auto device in your vehicle, whether or not your car model accepts Android Auto’s wireless networking.

Yeah, there’s no sticky wires running in your direction to annoy you when you’re driving. The system takes only 30 seconds to connect to your mobile. If linked, you can access all the functionality of Android Auto, such as live navigation, media functions, and call experiences, right on your car’s dashboard.

The project development team currently has a prototype of “AAWireless” and is running a campaign on the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.

The campaign has already raised $490,533 of its $220,150 target. But, if you’re someone with a car model that doesn’t support Android Auto wireless networking, you can get “AAWireless” for $55 (~Rs 4,040). The team is preparing to ship the orders from February 2021.

You will search the sample video of the unit right below.

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