The New Shop of Apple is an Full-Glass Dome Floating on Water


An Full-Glass Floating Dome

Located in Singapore’s Marina Bay district, the Apple Marina Bay Sands store lies on the bay ‘s waters and looks like the whole store is floating. Termed as “Apple’s most innovative retail endeavour,” this Apple Store is basically a first-of-its-kind, all-glass dome capable of sustaining itself.

This entire dome comprises 114 glass parts bound to each other by only 10 thin vertical bars. According to Apple, the store will have “fresh and captivating shopping experience at one of Singapore’s most emblematic locations.”

With the opening of the Apple Marina Bay Sands, the company now has three Apple stores in Singapore. Of the three, though, this really looks special as it is influenced by a dome within the Roman Temple, the Pantheon.

Now that the shop is completely made of glass, it gives a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the Singapore skyline and the waters surrounding it. There are trees inside the store (because Apple, climate, duh!) and large wooden tables with customised Apple products and accessories.

Customers will visit the shop and communicate with the Apple “Geniuses” for customised guidance or technological assistance. There’s also “The Web” which has a “Screen Wall” for “Today at Apple” sessions with Singapore’s famous artists, singers, and influencers.

Board Meeting with the Fishes?

Yet magic happens to founders and engineers who are looking for guidance and advice. They will meet the team members of the Apple store inside the company’s first underwater “Boardroom” situated at the bottom of the shop. So aside from the founders of the Apple team and the visitors, the aquatic life of the Marina Bay will also be part of the board of directors’ meetings!

The business has recently opened this exclusive Apple store and you can visit it by making an appointment. The goal is to reduce the number of  consumers in order to deter the rise of the pandemic.

Yeah, that’s the Apple Marina Bay Rocks. You should print out the latest press release from the shop.

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