Home Tech Word Editor from Microsoft becomes cleaner and simpler to use

Word Editor from Microsoft becomes cleaner and simpler to use

Word Editor from Microsoft becomes cleaner and simpler to use

  • A few features have been revised with Microsoft’s Word Editor.
  • Suggestions and recommendations are now more accessible for any user to access.
  • With our dedicated guides in the Office Hub, learn to use the Microsoft Office suite like a pro.
  • It will help you save more time with several useful digital resources. Check out our segment on Efficiency.

Microsoft Editor is a program dedicated to the Microsoft suite that falls under the grammar checker tool group.

In some Office 365 applications, such as Word or Outlook, it is used to verify the pronunciation, tone of voice, and overall quality of your copy.

Microsoft revealed a few updates to the Editor a few days ago, which should make it simpler to use the app with a single click for feedback and adjustments.

Quicker access to the right, direct copy

The developers have enhanced the interface with faster suggestions to get to the desired outcome with the stated goal of simplifying the Editor.

We may summarize the updates as follows:

  • Left or right-click feedback on grammar (spelling, tone & other intelligent suggestions)
  • Shift+F10 or Alt+Down shortcut for full editor suggestions on any underlined word.
  • Overall more emphasis on suggestions.
  • Easier access to experience for analysis.

Microsoft stated that the new interface would co-exist with previous shortcuts to suggestions (simple right-click or Shift+F10), so as not to affect the efficiency of users.

For a start, for Outlook users running Beta Channel Version 2010 or later, the left-click suggestions are available. For Word users operating Version 2010 (Build 13328.20000)) or later, it will be added.

Many that have the Office suite built on Macs will soon be able to appreciate the latest options as well.

Microsoft invites suggestions for even further improvements if you’ve already started using the latest Editor choices.

We want to know your perspective on these shifts, too (perhaps compared to other similar tools). To share your opinion with us, use the comments section.


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