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Task XML contains a value which is incorrectly connected or out of range - Upgraded Tamilan
Task XML contains a value which is incorrectly connected or out of range

Task XML contains a value which is incorrectly connected or out of range

When opening Task Scheduler, if you receive an error message saying The Task XML contains a value that is incorrectly connected or out of range, this task will help you fix the problem. The error appears when you open any of the tasks available for a particular application. The pop-up window should also show you the application name.

Task XML contains a value incorrectly connected or out of range

Why does this XML error occur?

Task Scheduler uses an XML file to save all details that it can use to run the task. If the value inside the XML file for that particular field is incorrect or invalid, you will get this error. It is possible that the app was recently updated, but the task’s XML file is still using old values, or the XML format has changed in the recent Windows update.

The Task XML contains a value which is incorrectly connected or out of range

Make sure to use an admin account to fix the problems.

  1. Delete Related XML File
  2. Delete Registry Entry

It is possible that you may have to delete and recreate the task. If the application created the task, you can run the app, and it will create it when required.

Before we start, let’s get one thing clearer. The application developer can only fix the error in the XML file or if you have created it. To solve the issue, you will need to delete the related XML file or entry.

Windows saves all the Tasks XML files inside C:WindowsSystem32Tasks folder. The biggest problem with the error is that you cannot delete the tasks directly. Hence a crude approach is required where you delete the task from the local folder. You will be prompted for admin permission to access this folder.

Tasks XML Files Explorer

Once here, look for the folder with the same name as the application. Get inside it and locate the XML file related to the task. It is usually with the same name, but if you want, open it with the notepad, and you should be able to figure it out. An alternate way to open this is using the NotePad++ app.

Open the Task Manager, and the task should not be there anymore. Next, run the application for which the task was giving the issue and let it create the task again.

2] Deleted Registry Entry

delete task XML registry

Like everything else, Tasks are also available in the Registry, and that is how Windows can figure out the location and settings for most things. If you directly delete the entry, it should also resolve the problem. Makes sure to create a System Restore point in case anything goes wrong.

  • Open Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Run prompt (Win + R) followed by pressing the Enter key
  • Navigate to the following path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTree
  • Right-click on the application name in the list under the Tree key.
  • Please delete it
  • Restart, and then check if the task exists. It should not.

That’s it. I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to resolve the XML issue with the Task Scheduler in Windows.

How do I trigger a Windows Task Scheduler?

If you want to launch a task based on certain conditions, you need to use the Triggers section when creating or editing the Task. You can select between launching an app at a particular time, logging in or logging out, etc.

How to Backup all the Tasks in Windows?

You can export them one by one as an XML file which you can later import into another PC. You can also go to the Tasks location, where all are available, and copy the file anywhere. You can also copy the Tasks folder itself and keep it anywhere. However, you will have to import it to register with the system.

Task XML contains a value incorrectly connected or out of range

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