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Teams adds animated meeting backgrounds

Teams adds animated meeting backgrounds


Teams adds animated meeting backgrounds

Microsoft Teams is updating the Virtual Background Collection with new still and animated versions. This update is the largest update since the release of the original collection in 2020 and contains options that allow you to replace unpleasant environments with a variety of scenes.

Several new static backgrounds will be available in the first update, and several animated versions will be available in June. Microsoft shared some details about the new still background images:

“The redesigned visual library for Teams, which includes brand new images, has been thoughtfully designed to represent the people who use them and how they work best,” the design team writes in a blog post. “Looking at the popularity of certain images, we’ve noticed that clients are just as enthusiastic about being portrayed in fun and imaginative scenes as they are in realistic spaces such as a co-working space, office or home.”.

There are currently six categories of Microsoft Teams backgrounds, including those that focus on wood and light, others that have a modern background, and some that are colored clouds or mountains. There are even backgrounds that are designed to be accessible and to match how patterns and materials can affect people on the autism scale. This is part of a larger category of “belonging” that also focuses on vision, hearing, mental health, etc.

The new backgrounds in Microsoft Teams will begin rolling out to all users starting today.

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