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Telefónica wants to pay you in exchange for trying its new products


The new thing about Telefónica is a “testers” area: try new company products and earn money.

Telefónica wants to pay you in exchange for trying its new products
Telefónica’s testing program allows you to test some of its new features in advance, and receive rewards for it

telephone has launched a new “Testers” program, with which the company plans to improve collaboration with its customers when it comes to create new products and services. To do this, plan reward those who want to participate in the tests of novelties related to the metaverse, Web3 technologies, entertainment, gaming, artificial intelligence, digital home and other segments in which the company is immersed.

Anyone can sign up to participate in this testing program, which will look for a way to validate whether the latest developments made by the company have a future, hand in hand with potential real users who will participate through creative workshops, surveys, interviews and other types of sessions.

There will be different types of rewards for those people who want to participate in the Telefónica Testers program, including prize moneyexperiences, discounts and other advantages that the company has not disclosed.

Through his blog Think bigTelefónica has assured that For this test program, profiles of all kinds are soughtboth customers and non-customers, and no matter how familiar they are with the different technological concepts that are developed in the company’s R&D division.

To sign up, just fill in the information requested in the form published on its website and send it. If they are chosen, Telefónica will contact them to participate in the different projects.

Currently, the first studio, called X4ALL. Participants will have to attend a face-to-face interview about an hour and a half long to talk about life at home. The reward in this case will be 100 euros discount to exchange in the technology and consumer electronics e-commerce

Telefónica is not the first company to carry out an initiative of this type. Google also has some apps that reward users for performing simple tasks that can help the company to improve its services, and in some countries, Amazon offers 2 euros a month to users who allow the company to collect data from their mobiles.

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