Home Tech The 0/1 Phone is the minimalist foldable smartphone you want, but can’t buy

The 0/1 Phone is the minimalist foldable smartphone you want, but can’t buy

The 0/1 Phone is the minimalist foldable smartphone you want, but can’t buy


The designer Andrea Mangone has an idea to revolutionize the market for minimalist mobile phones, and that is to make them foldable.

The 0/1 Phone is the minimalist foldable smartphone you want, but can't buy
The 0|1 Phone, a conceptual foldable smartphone with an external screen from an electronics store

In recent years, the so-called minimalist mobiles have experienced a surge in popularity, fueled by those who believe that smartphones they are too distracting and become addictive. In many cases, this type of product is committed to humble characteristics and unappealing designs, which while they do the job, aren’t too appealing to the more tech-savvy type of audience.

But the designer Andrea Mangone believes that this should not be the case, and has devised a new kind of minimalist smartphone that combines the best of conventional mobiles with the latest technology available in the mobile landscape, through a foldable design.

Thus, the 0/1 Telephone can act as a minimalist mobile when foldedor transform into a full smartphone when its screen is opened.

This is the 0/1 Phone, a folding smartphone focused on minimalism

GIF of 0/1 Telephone

The 0/1 Phone is a foldable smartphone focused on minimalism

He physical appearance of the device attracts attention for its simplicity and attention to detail. It has a sober and simple aestheticcombining different colors and textures in one body covered in vegan leather and aluminum chassis, where we find a striking color accent in the form of a customizable fabric label which allows you to easily remove the SIM card tray without using additional tools.

One of the most striking aspects of the phone is its outer screen. With the aim of offering a minimalist and distraction-free experience, the designer has decided incorporate an electronic ink screen It shows only the essential information.

Thanks to the straight edges of the device, you can stand upright on a flat surfaceso that the smartphone can be transformed into a kind of table alarm clock.

01 Phone SIM slot

Fabric tag allows for quick removal of the SIM card tray

When you want to take advantage of the device’s full potential, just unfold your inner screen with a resolution of 1080 x 2640 pixels, surrounded by uniform edges and with a camera located in a hole in the upper center part. The phone also has a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen and one dual rear cameraarranged in a format somewhat different from what we are used to seeing in folding mobiles currently available.

External screen of the 0:1 Phone

The external screen of the 0/1 Phone is based on e-ink technology

If 0/1 Phone has convinced you and you were already preparing your credit card, I’m afraid I have bad news for you. To this day, it is nothing more than a concept drawn up by the designerand not a product that is going to be manufactured. All information about the project is available on the designer website.


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