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The Android update of January 2023 can now be downloaded: these are its news


It is now possible to download the first operating system update of the year, available first for the Google Pixel.

The Android update of January 2023 can now be downloaded: these are its news
The Android update of January 2023 brings performance improvements and bug fixes

New year, new Android update. Google today released the security patch January 2023the first of this new year that has just begun, and that from today will begin to be available for Google Pixel series devices, and later it will reach the terminals of other manufacturers.

The bulletin that collects the operating system vulnerabilities that have been corrected over the last few weeks has already been published on the android official website. In it, the different security flaws present in the platform, discovered by Google and its partners over the last few weeks, are explained.

How to update Android to the latest version without having an official update

Android January 2022 update is available to download on devices google pixel from the Pixel 4a. The 2016 Pixel, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 are no longer part of the list of compatible terminals with new system and security updates.

The January Android update arrives to fix security problems

Those who do not want to wait for the update to arrive on their mobiles can proceed to carry out the manual installation of the OTA file corresponding to the January patch published by Google.

On the other hand, the security bulletin lists all the vulnerabilities that have been fixed with this updatecategorized according to the level of threat they posed to the platform. Some of them are Specific performance and security improvements for Pixel phones.

In this case, we are not dealing with a feature update or “Feature Drop” as the previous December update was. It must be remembered that these types of versions loaded with change are released every three monthsso the next one will come in March.

The January 2022 Android security patch It will be released in the next few hours via OTA gradually, and it will gradually reach compatible models. However, it is already possible download the corresponding update packages for each deviceTo perform the manual installation either through the OTA file, or through the factory image of each terminal:

Google Developers | OTA files

Google Developers | factory pictures

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