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the average time you lose because you don’t remember your password


Do you have to reset a password every so often? You’re not alone.

3 minutes and 46 seconds: the average time you lose because you don't remember your password

forget a password It’s a complete and utter headache. It has happened to us. It has happened to you. And yes, it’s awful. We all know what it’s like to try a password (it doesn’t work), with another (it doesn’t work either), with a third one (almost but not) to finally block our account (yuhu) and dedicate ourselves to the tedium that is recovery process.

The point is that, thanks to the results of a most particular survey that ExpressVPN has posted on their blogfinally we will know, with constant and resonant numbers, how long we are consumed by this cumbersome process.

3 minutes and 46 seconds of frustration

ExpressVPN Password

Forgetting your password has a cost… at least in terms of time

What would you do with 4 free minutes? It seems the average person spends some time 3 minutes and 46 seconds resetting a forgotten password. Almost 4 minutes. And be careful because if you have several accounts with their corresponding passwords, the chances that you have to click on the “I forgot my password” They multiply.

In fact, the same ExpressVPN study points out that people waste several hours each year resetting their passwords, a procedure that is otherwise very easy to avoid through password managers or VPN services like the one mentioned here.

Either way, more than half of the 8,000 people surveyed they said they have to reset their password At least once a month, something that translates into an hour or two of frustrations and negotiations each year. Indeed, Germans they forget their passwords much less: only 35% of them reset them every month, a percentage that when compared with 53% of the French is quite surprising.

forgot password time

There are people who have to reset forgotten passwords practically every day

For more inri, there is no specific pattern for users with memory problems: they have to reset their passwords in apps and services of all kinds. If we look at the data shared by the study, we will see that the most common thing is to forget the password for the social media waves online banking and shopping appssomething perfectly normal since they are the services that we use more in our day to day.

The good news is that “only” the 7% of respondents have trouble remembering their work password, which may be because in work environments it is more common to use password managers or single sign-on systems.

Password reset services

These are the services that consume the most time for users when it comes to resetting the password.

Finally, it is also interesting that of the 8000 users surveyed a percentage higher than 50% claimed to have stayed no access to your accounts after entering an incorrect password, something that can be solved by resetting the password… or not. After all, many times you have to wait a while to try again or it is even necessary to contact the company on duty.

In short, we have too weak passwords or terribly safe but difficult to remember. So either we get our batteries with blue fish and avocado or we start using a password manager as God commands

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