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The best science fiction series of 2023 is on Apple TV, it just came out and it’s simply brutal


A minuscule percentage of the population will survive this terrible dystopia.

The best science fiction series of 2023 is on Apple TV, it just came out and it's simply brutal
It is one of the bets of the year on the streaming platform

Apple TV is a streaming platform too quiet. Apart from a devilish image quality, it offers very few series but all of an overflowing quality. On the one hand we have the saga of the “Foundation” that has nothing to envy to any film the science fiction series that we find a catalog of Disney+for example. Although one of its great jewels in the crown is “Ted Lasso”, a series has now come out that is arousing the sympathy of fans in half the world due to its amazing quality in all aspects. We talk about Siloa post-apocalyptic story that will put us the creeps due to its harsh approach.

For this reason, Apple TV being one of the great covered ones, we are going to see how brutal this series contains inside and why it is becoming a real phenomenon for the bitten apple platform.

Silo, uncomfortable to see but of incredible quality

Only 10,000 people on the entire planet have survived. The earth is a barren surface, devoid of life, and anyone who dares to venture outside dies of suffocation, no matter how sophisticated their containment suit. Faced with this mystery, these 10,000 people live all in a silo in which the mysteries are enormous. They are not clear why they are there, but they just want to survive in the most comfortable way possible while try to get back to the surface. The problem, because in human communities there are always problems, is that there are different ways of thinking within the silo, creating factions and tensions.

Meanwhile, among the mechanics of the place, a voice arises that what he is looking for is find the truth. In the corseted world of the silo, in which there are many rules supposedly to protect its inhabitants, we find that the authorities do not want the protagonist to find the truth among so many darkness

The performances deliver incredibly well with Rebecca Ferguson and Rashida Jones demonstrating a truly commendable level. On the other hand, someone tim robbins level nothing is wasted and shows again the reasons why he won the Oscar with Mystical river.

On the other hand, the tension is very well achieved and the atmosphere is so oppressive as it seeks to be. Living in an underground silo doesn’t have to be easy, and all of this is conveyed beautifully in a Lifestyle that surprises for its realism and its simplicity when it comes to dealing with the subject matter. In short, we are before the best science fiction series of 2023 and possibly one of the best overall series to come out this year.

You will like it if:

  • You are looking for a movie or series with a very well done mystery, in which everything seems real and the suspension of disbelief does its job like a charm. It becomes a real should have for lovers of the series or thrillers
  • It is an incredible adventure through a devastated world. Sometimes the silo will seem small, other times it will be unfathomable and impossible.
  • You want really accomplished, convincing performances.

You can enjoy “Silo” on Apple TV if you subscribe to the Cupertino platform.

Watch “Silo” on Apple TV

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