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The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity - Upgraded Tamilan
The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

Improvements or add-ons make Trello even better. If you are new to Trello, you should check out these Trello Power Ups which will improve your performance for you. It connects various apps and services so you can keep your data in sync and perform on-demand tasks.

The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

Some of the best Trello bonuses:

  1. Calendar improvements
  2. Map aging
  3. Card repeater
  4. Google Drive/OneDrive
  5. Read me
  6. 3T – Time Tracker
  7. Printed circuit board
  8. and about
  9. Bulk Actions
  10. amazing fields
  11. Copy link
  12. File manager

Let’s find out more about these power-ups.

1]Calendar Boost

By default, Trello displays cards in a column. However, if you want to display them as a calendar, you can do so with this bonus. The cards on the board can be viewed for weeks and months. Whether you have one or a hundred cards, you can arrange them by date in the calendar view. Download from Trello.com.

2]Card aging

Suppose some team members are constantly putting off their tasks and you weren’t able to find the exact unfinished maps. In such situations, you can use this boost to get the job done. This add-on helps you dim inactive cards so you can quickly find pending tasks. Download from Trello.com.

3]Card Repeater

The best Trello bonuses for productivity

Sometimes you may need to create a duplicate card for different purposes. If so, you can use this Power-Up to do just that. Instead of creating an entire map from scratch or copying data from one map to another, you can install and use this Trello Power-Up. Whether you need to import a due date, content, attachment, or anything else, you can copy everything. Download from Trello.com.

4]Google Drive/OneDrive

If your team is uploading all the important files to Google Drive or OneDrive so that others can better manage them, you can install these perks. Once connected to your Trello board, you can easily access and manage your cloud storage files. Whether you need to download an attachment or link something to a card, you can do both. Download from Trello.com.

5]Read me

The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

Let’s say you add people to your Trello board frequently and you need to explain rules, notes, instructions, etc. to them. Instead of doing it manually, you can use this enhancement to create a note so that new assignees can read it before they start working on the board. You can write one or more notes. Download from Trello.com.

Note: You can find all these aforementioned bonuses in Made by Trello chapter.

6]3T- Time Tracker

Whether you use Trello for personal use or for your team, you can track time spent on a task or map with this bonus. In other words, it allows you to check how much time you or your team members spent on a task. You can just click on the button Start off and Stop timer start and stop buttons. Download from Trello.com.

FYI, there are more other time tracking bonuses available in the repository. However, this one comes with minimal features and does everything quickly.


The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

Sometimes you may need to print out all of your notes, cards, tasks, etc. so you can get a physical copy of things that are pending. If so, you have two options – press Ctrl+P or use this enhancement. If you use this Power-Up, you will be able to customize the page, which is not possible with the previous method. You can show or hide the list name, map name, map description, labels, members, due date, etc. if you use this enhancement. Download from Trello.com.


Automate.io is an alternative to IFTTT and Zapier. You can use this Power-Up to connect Automate.io applets to do something in automation. Whether you need to create a calendar based on new cards or upload Trello attachments to Google Drive, you can do it all with this Power-Up. However, you must first create an applet in order to use this enhancement. Download from Trello.com.

9]Bulk Actions

Sometimes you may need to move multiple cards from one list to another, add due dates for multiple cards, and so on. You can open each card and customize it accordingly. However, if all cards require the same changes, you can use this buff. You don’t have to open one card at a time to make these changes. Instead, you can select multiple cards and edit them to suit your requirements. Download from Trello.com.

10]Amazing Fields

Many times you might be looking for a feature that isn’t in Trello. For example, an additional text field or a drop-down list, etc. If so, you can use the Amazing Fields boost to get them all. FYI, this bonus allows you to add textbox, numbers, checkboxes, date formatting, progress bar, etc. Trello.com.

Let’s say you need to create some subtasks on the board and link them all so that other people can understand the whole process. If so, you can install and use this boost. It automatically links a subtask when you move a card from one list to another. However, it does require some tweaking so that it can work according to your requirements. Download from Trello.com.

12]File Manager

The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

Trello allows users to upload files to their cards so they can improve their workflow. However, if you upload a lot of files, organizing them becomes problematic. If you are suffering from the same problem, you can use this Power-Up called File Manager. Whether you’re uploading images, documents, videos, or anything else, you can find them all under one roof. After that, you can open, manage or delete them according to your requirements. Download from Trello.com.

How to install Trello bonuses

To install Trello Power-Ups, follow these steps:

  1. Open a Trello board.
  2. Press on Reinforcements
  3. Press on Add bonuses
  4. Find the boost you want to install.
  5. Press on Add
  6. Press on Add button to confirm.

To learn more about these steps, keep reading.

First, you need to open a Trello board in your browser and click on the button Power Ups button is visible in the top menu bar. Then press the button Add Power Ups option.

The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

It opens the bonus gallery. From here you need to select the gain you want to set and press the button Add button twice.

That’s all! It will be installed. You can then tweak things to suit the requirements of the selected gain.

How many free boosts do you get with Trello?

There is no limit to the number of bonuses you can install on Trello. According to the official website, you can install an unlimited number of power-ups even if you are the owner of a free account. At the same time, there are also no restrictions for owners of paid accounts.

Free bonuses in Trello?

Yes, all Trello enhancements are available for free. You can install any gain from the official repository for free. However, if a third party service requires a paid subscription, you must have it in order to use it with Trello.

Are Trello bonuses safe?

Yes, you can safely install and use Trello Power-Ups. However, if a third party service is attacked, Trello will not be held liable. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with using Trello Power-Ups.

The Best Trello Bonuses for Productivity

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