Home Tech The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 won’t be as fast as the more expensive models: here’s why

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 won’t be as fast as the more expensive models: here’s why

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 won’t be as fast as the more expensive models: here’s why


It seems that there will only be one model of the Galaxy S23 under 1,000 euros at its launch, and its secret lies in a UFS 3.1 type storage memory that is older and slower, but also more affordable.

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 won't be as fast as the more expensive models: here's why
The Galaxy S23 will be the most affordable model in the family, although its price would increase compared to the previous generation.

There are hours left to meet the samsung galaxy s23 and that shows, it shows because the leaks fly, and the truth is that today We have already seen news of all kinds fly around the next flagship Samsungthat can almost be touched and that now leaves us some additional detail.

The last one was told to us by friends of GSMArenaand it is that after transcending that the Galaxy S23 were going to be significantly more expensive than their predecessors, remained to be discovered where was the secret of the Samsung Galaxy S23 in its most basic configurationwith 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which It will be the only model that does not exceed 1,000 euros base price at launch.

Apparently this ‘classic’ base model of the Galaxy S23 it will not only be the most affordable in the family but also the slowestalthough this slowness will be completely negligible for most users on a day-to-day basis.

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And it is that they actually tell us that the Samsung Galaxy S23 with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage will cost less than 1,000 euros because Save costs by using UFS 3.1 type storage memoryan older technology although not obsolete, which is somewhat less performance but also therefore cheaper.

It is obvious that we cannot affirm it because we don’t have yet Datasheet official of the three models of the Samsung Galaxy S23 family, although taking into account that has been @universohielo who said it on your Twitter account, you will have to give credibility to one of the leakers most popular in the Samsung ecosystem.

The 128 GB Galaxy S23 will not have UFS 4.0 memories but UFS 3.1 chips, which are the only ones that Samsung directly manufactures with this capacity.

The reason given is that Samsung Semiconductor Manufactures does not make 128 GB UFS 4.0 chipsand the only alternative was to use a memory chip from the Japanese Kioxia, an idea that Samsung has rejected for take advantage of this cost reduction with UFS 3.1 and thus put on sale a flagship from 2023 by below the psychological barrier of 1,000 euros.

Other leakers have been talking about it not having Wi-Fi 7 either but will settle for Wi-Fi 6Eand some have even commented in the last few hours that Samsung will not equip its flagship cheaper connectivity ultra broadbandwhich would prevent you from using SmartTags effectively.

We will see what can we confirm in the few hours left before Unpacked, and in any case don’t go too far because next February 1 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) the new standard-bearer family of the Android catalog will be official.


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