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The “Coca-Cola Phone” is a reality and will be manufactured by realme


We finally know that realme is the brand behind what is known as the “Coca Cola Phone”.

The "Coca Cola Phone" it is a reality and it will be manufactured by realme
The image that the CEO of realme has shared, anticipating the arrival of the “Coca-Cola Phone”

The rumors about an alleged “Coca-Cola Phone” have gained more strength than ever in recent days, after a picture of said device appear filtered on the network, revealing a personalized phone with colors and logo of the famous soda. Since then, the Internet has turned to the search for company that stands behind this eye-catching product.

Luckily for Coca-Cola fans, it didn’t take long to find out that, indeed, The “Colaphone” is real. And not only that: we already know what is the brand you have decided to create the device.

Realme will create the first official Coca-Cola smartphone


The first leaked image of the alleged “Coca-Cola Phone”

The first filtered image of the device already gave some indications about the brand in charge of bringing it to life. After all, his design was identical to that of a realme 10except for the color red and logo of Coca-Cola in the back.

Now the brand itself has shared an enlightening tweet where he explains that “something is really boiling”, with a link that directs the special event website with the slogan “cheers for real”. The aesthetics of the web makes a clear reference to the aforementioned drink.

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And if all of the above were not enough, the vice president of realme India has shared an image on his Twitter profile, with the same aforementioned slogan and a realme 10 whose back reflects a can of Coca-Cola.

At the moment, the company has not given more information about this event, nor about the device or the collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company. Most likely we will know more details about this realme 10 special edition as days go by.

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