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The developers of Vampire Survivors revealed more updates and DLC planned for the game.


Sunday, January 8, 2023, 9:54:06 a.m. Indochina time

fans who used to enjoy vampire survivor can look forward to the content Roguelike that can be more brutal in the future according to the creator Luca “Ponkle” Galante said by vampire survivor There will be both free updates and downloadable content Paid

vampire survivor open model last access in 2021 and has been immensely popular throughout 2022. The game has received a lot of critical acclaim and has become one of the biggest feel-good indie games of the year. Although the player has to face the endless onslaught of undying enemies. But this game was also praised in terms of playing games fast, visual pixels Colorful and diverse content This often attracts players to try the game again.

in blog steam latest Galante has looked back at all the milestones and achievements he and the team behind. vampire survivor also known as Ponkle which was successful in the past year in the midst of all that He also discussed their plans for more content. stating that fans can expect the series downloadable content similar Vampire Survivor’s Legacy DLC, Moonspell Survivor Yes, the expansion launched last month and introduced new levels, eight playable characters, new enemies and more.

although Galante will not tell about the official time or about downloadable content new, but he has confirmed that the patch is likely to be released at “Slower compared to 2022” After a busy year of game releases during early accessrelease version 1.0 for PC, Xbox, mobile and launched downloadable content The first batch, as the devs have a lot of work on their hands, fans may have to wait a bit longer before the next round of content arrives.

vampire survivor Now available for mobilePC , Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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