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The easiest way to boot Windows 8 straight to your desktop … natively!

The easiest way to boot Windows 8 straight to your desktop … natively!


As much as people love Windows 8, most just can’t get used to the idea of ​​NOT seeing the desktop after booting into Windows 8. We’ve regularly shared details and tips about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, namely. Windows 8… We have developed an application that allows you to download directly to your Windows 8 desktop.

The Metro UI Tweaker we mentioned allowed you to configure Windows 8 DP to boot directly to the desktop by disabling the Start screen, but this setting was turned off by Microsoft in subsequent releases. Microsoft may not want users to bypass the Start screen – perhaps they want users to get used to the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen.

Earlier, we wrote about how you can boot directly into Windows 8 desktop mode using an explorer script. But not many might want to try it for real! There is always the option to use the latest Classic Shell that allows you to do this.

Today in this article I will share with you a simple yet working, reliable and great advice that will allow you to boot right into Windows 8 RP Desktop directly, without using third-party tools or scripts.

In fact, I found out about it by accident. Then I searched the internet and found that no one had actually met or written about this!

Boot Windows 8 right to your desktop

Well, to do this, follow these simple instructions!

one. The main part of this trick is the placement of the desktop tile.

Move Desktop Tile and put it in top left corner Metro Launch Screen, just below the Launch Text.

2. Restart Windows 8 and you will see the login screen. As usual, enter your local account or Windows Live account password. Just enter your password, don’t press Nouter arrow or Enter the key is here.

3. Now press and hold Enter… After a few seconds, you will see your Windows 8 desktop appear. Thus will be skipped Metro Start Screen smartly!

Alternatively, once you are logged in and the startup screen appears, simply press Enter and you will see your desktop. You no longer need to search for and click on your desktop tile.

What’s happening is simple: the desktop is the first tile on the Start screen, pressing the Enter key on your keyboard affects it, and the desktop opens smoothly.

Well, until another way is found, I think this might be the best way to boot Windows 8 directly into desktop mode.

Hope you enjoy this simple yet effective way to download your Windows 8 desktop!


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