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THE FIRST TAKE hires Satoshi’s voice actor Rika Matsumoto to perform the final theme song in a grand finale.


Saturday, March 18, 2023, 6:16:14 AM, Indochina time

It is considered a complete surprise when the channel YouTube at first time has released a legendary song Mesase Pokemon Master -with my friend- which is one of the opening songs of famous anime pocket monster or pokemon The first part was sung by Rika Matsumoto who is the voice of the main character of the story satoshi or Ash Ketchum

by the concept of the channel first time will bring singers, actors, including idols Participate in singing their own songs within the program. But there is a caveat that “There is only one chance” and if there is a mistake, such as singing the wrong part or the musicians making a mistake. had to let it pass helplessly


which is considered one of the concepts of a simple show And not less interesting Including the aforementioned program, there was also an opportunity to invite one of V Tuber famous as Hoshimachi Suisei come and join in this list And also received quite good feedback.

It can be considered as one of the epilogues that come out very well. Currently, although the way satoshi will be able to grab champion come in the final battle Pokemon’s journey But his journey continues in Pocket Monster Mesase Pokemon Master (TV) through special episodes 11 section

and as a great farewell thus making the train station JR Shinjuku has released a video compiling impressive scenes from the anime. pokemon in each region came out to be seen to end the journey at the end of satoshi which has an official broadcast plan March 24, 2023 this

Finally, although the journey of famous characters like satoshi will end But for the franchise pokemon That still has to go on. Because of the new anime pokemon 2023 The official broadcast plan has been announced and will begin airing the first episode. April 14, 2023 There are also various interesting information, which can be read more details atthis article

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