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The game does not use the GPU in Windows 11 - Upgraded Tamilan
The game does not use the GPU in Windows 11

The game does not use the GPU in Windows 11

Most games use the GPU (graphics processing unit) when available. The situation is less complicated when there is a single GPU, but if your CPU comes with an integrated GPU, some games may not use the dedicated GPU but instead use a different one. Since games won’t run on a low-powered GPU, it’s best to fix this. If games like Cudo Miner, Tensorflow, Warzone, Minecraft, Elden Rings, etc. don’t use your GPU, here’s what you need to do in Windows 11.

The game does not use the GPU in Windows 11

Although Windows and applications switch to the dedicated GPU when it’s available, sometimes you may need to force it. Any application using the best GPU will result in better performance and performance. Here are the steps to make the game use the graphics card.

1]Open graphics settings

Windows Display Settings allows you to change GPU settings. Open Windows Settings (Win + I) and then navigate to Display. Scroll down a bit and click on the “Graphics” option.

2]Add an app or customize it

You should see most of the applications installed on the PC in the graphics settings. If the app is listed, select it and click the Options button.

Suppose the application is not listed; Under User settings for apps, select a desktop app or a Microsoft Store app. While the latter is easy to add, desktop apps will require more steps.

Select the Microsoft Store app for Windows.

Click on the browse button and add the game. Find the main EXE file that launches the game. The best way to find out is to right-click the program in the start menu list and then open the file location. After that, the game will appear in the “Graphics Applications” section.

3]Select GPU

After you click the “Options” button, the graphics settings window will open. Here you can select the GPU. Typically, the integrated GPU is available in power saving mode and the dedicated GPU is available in high performance mode. This is the reason why the performance of the game is reduced when the laptop is running on battery power. Either they use a power saving mode or switch to an integrated GPU.

The game does not use the GPU in Windows 11

Make sure the game is closed before making a selection. After that, launch the game and you should see a difference.

If even after that the game does not use the GPU you have chosen, you need to change it in the game settings. Most game settings offer the option to select a GPU. When you switch the GPU, you can further tweak the available options depending on the GPU.

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How does Windows decide which GPU to use?

In the case of laptops, the OS makes a decision based on power consumption. Since the battery is a priority for laptops, the OS can switch to the integrated GPU, which provides better power savings. In the case of the desktop, there is no power saving mode, so in most cases a dedicated GPU is selected. But if it’s not, then you can change it.

How to check if I have an integrated GPU?

You can see this in Device Manager > Display Adapters. If you see two graphics devices, one is a dedicated GPU and the other is an integrated one. You can also find out by checking the GPU names.

Change Windows GPU settings

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