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the iPhone 15 would be delayed a few weeks


The iPhone 15 could delay its launch a few weeks and launch in October.

Bad news: the iPhone 15 would be delayed a few weeks
The iPhone 15 would be delayed a few weeks

Although Apple likes customs and has spent many years celebrating the presentations and launches of its new iPhones in September, it seems that this will change again in 2023 with the launch of the iPhone 15. As the latest rumors suggest, The next iPhones could be delayed by a few weeks and launch in October.

This situation is not new. Because if true, it would not be the first time we see it. When Apple launched the iPhone 12 series a few years ago, it didn’t do so with the moment usual, but he did it a month later. That would also happen this year with the iPhone 15, and the same source that was right in 2020 says so..

The launch of the iPhone 15 would be delayed to October

The respected wamsi mohanwhich, as we have said, was correct in announcing the delay of the iPhone 12, has recently said that this year the same will happen with the iPhone 15. According to the investigations that it has carried out in the supply chain, said launch could be delayed until the fourth quarter of the year. Which runs from October to December.

Although we could say that it is information that comes from a reliable source, the truth is that No specific reason is provided for this potential iPhone 15 launch delay.. That means that on this occasion we should take this information with some skepticism. The only thing that can lead us to think that it could happen again, are the precedents.

Render iPhone 15

Renders of the new colors of the iPhone 15

Another reason to think that the iPhone 15 may be delayed is look at what happened last year with the iPhone 14 Plus, which launched a few weeks laterwhile the other models followed the moment usual. The same could happen with the 2023 models, specifically with the Pro Max models, since it is rumored that they will come with some exclusivity like the periscope lens.

Be that as it may, this information is still a rumor. Are there precedents? Yes. Can it happen again? Also. But that It does not mean that it will happen again with the iPhone 15. The only thing we can do now is wait for Apple to confirm the dates and see if they were right or not. Let’s hope it’s the second option.

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