Home Tech The main novelties of iOS 17 are filtered, including one inspired by the Google Pixel

The main novelties of iOS 17 are filtered, including one inspired by the Google Pixel

The main novelties of iOS 17 are filtered, including one inspired by the Google Pixel


Apple is borrowing the smart display from the ‘Pixel Stand’ for iOS 17, and will allow its iPhones to function as desktop smart displays.

The main novelties of iOS 17 are filtered, including one inspired by the Google Pixel
Here’s a Pixel 6 proudly showing off its smart screen on a ‘Pixel Stand’.

There are only a few days left to officially know all the news of iOS 17 in Cupertino, although the next great generation of Apple software for its iPhones has already some seams are noticeable thanks to the traditional leaks that usually accompany almost any major announcement. In fact, it is rumored that Apple will adopt another characteristic function of the Pixel again, although this time we are not dealing with something modern but with an option devised by Google in 2018.

We talk of course smart displays designed by Googlethat take advantage of the functionality ‘always on screen’ showing itself once we place the device in it ‘Pixel support’so that we can use smart controls and widgets while charging as if it were a smart desktop screen.

Although the news has spread like wildfire in media such as 9to5Mac either android authority always talking about “a rumor”the truth is the information was revealed by the popular analyst Mark Gurman, from Bloombergso that we can be sure enough of our sources to give it the credibility it deserves and take it as something quite feasible.

So, we already know that Apple seems ready to present us with its own idea of ​​iOS 17. an iPhone that can become a desktop smart screen when wirelessly charging on a desktop base, thus allowing us to access voice control services and the most basic information making use of ‘always on screen’ to consume the minimum energy and avoid premature damage to the device’s battery.

The curious thing is that Gurman affirms that in Apple this option it will only activate when the iPhone is placed in a horizontal position based on load, while in Google’s implementation the orientation does not matter because Android automatically adapts widgets depending on whether the Pixel phone is positioned vertically or horizontally.

The other part of the equation has not transcended either, and that is that there is no news about a hypothetical ‘apple stall’ that should accompany this functionality at a reasonable price, surely being able to charge and cool any iPhone that has wireless charging functionality, in addition to activating this intelligent AOD screen. For example, he ‘Pixel Support’ it’s not cheap costing nothing less than 79 euro.

Apple intends to copy the smart screens that Google’s Pixel phones show when placed on the desktop bases, although in the case of the Cupertino manufacturer we have many details to know about a possible wireless charging base, or its retail price .

The Bloomberg analyst says that this will be one of the star features of iOS 17and although Apple has a reputation for reinventing with majority acceptance the things that others cannot turn into success, the truth is that if this is the best of the new iteration of iOS We are going to receive a very boring renovation.

On the other hand, this could be the first step for a family of smart displays intended for the digital home of Apple itself, or even the pilot tests of an iPad tablet that can be attached magnetically to different metal support points just as the pixel tablet.

And now to complete, the same leaker took the opportunity to tell us that there will be notable improvements in Walletin location services and in the Apple proprietary services update such as health applications or the new app of ‘Diary’.

Remember that Apple WWDC will be held between June 5 and 9 in the bowels of Apple Park!


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