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the messaging app will include Stories very soon


Pavel Durov has announced through his private channel that Telegram will include Stories after users have been asking for them for some time, despite their initial reluctance to include them.

Not even Telegram is spared: the messaging app will include Stories very soon
Telegram succumbs to Meta: it will include Stories.

A while ago we talked about Pavel Durov charged against WhatsApp and the endless functions that have been copied from Telegramclarifying that plagiarism was taken as recognition of your work. The founder of Telegram is convinced that his company is the one that has been leading the trends of the main messaging apps of the last decade and, therefore, understands that the competition “wants to catch up.”

In that same post, Durov commented that he had something else to announce, which he would do in his next post. Well then, Durov. he has already done it and, this time, it will be Telegram who copies something to WhatsApp (rather to Meta): the possibility of post Stories on Telegram after users have been asking for them for a long time.

Stories come to Telegram

In case you don’t know what are whatsapp stateswe can say that it is about something practically the same as Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories: users can share an image, a written note or a voice note in an ephemeral way, which will be kept for 24 hours in a dedicated tab.

Durov himself has said that at first they were reluctant to incorporate this function, since right now “it is everywhere” according to his words. However, he argues that part of the essence of Telegram would be lost if they decided to ignore their users, so they will soon reach rival WhatsApp … albeit in their own way.

To start with, you can define who can see the stories very precisely: everyone, your contacts, a few or a list of close friends. This option will be more flexible than it is in WhatsApp at the moment. Likewise, the Stories will be placed in a drop-down list above the list of chats so as not to waste space on the interface.

The Stories too they can be hidden by moving them to a separate listwhich will be in the Contacts tab and not on the main screen. Photo and video editing tools will be incorporated, and text can be added to these images. There will also be support for images captured with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Users will be able choose the duration of a Story between 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours; even if they want to show them permanently on their profiles, with specific privacy settings for each of them. Here you can see a video of Telegram Stories in Action:

For now the feature is in its final testing phase and until next July it will not be available.

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